Saturday, October 17, 2009

Together too long

A sad thing to see is a couple together too long.
They have adjusted to each other in such a way that awareness of even presence of the partner is hardly noticed.
And loving and fighting have become empty actions.
Every emotion and expression lands on dried sand instead of in the other's heart.

These rather depressing thoughts came to mind while in the middle of the struggle to get the Hughes Motosat internet system working.
This time it took two days to eventually access the internet.
Two days together with Hans trying anything possible to get the system working.

And by now, countless are the times the Hughes Motosat internet system broke down.
Countless are the hours and the days spent to try to fix things.

Consequently, it is like a couple together too long.
Nothing that happens can create anymore excitement or any other emotion.
It is all dead.
Except for a feeling of disappointment.
For having to deal with a totally flawed product without having an alternative.


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