Friday, April 30, 2010

Yummy the tummy

To fish or not to fish, that is now the question.

Some years ago the fanatic and successfull surf fisherman became sentimental.
To see the many caught fish struggle to remain in the water.
To feel the fish fight the nylon line not to die.
To eventually die unavoidably on the beach.

It was all too much for the fisherman who had turned sentimental.
It woke up too many emotions.
Of concern for animals.
Of desire to want to be in total harmony with creation.
To live and let live.
Even by not bothering a simple fish.

So far so good.
A human being can develop these kinds of sentiments and emotions, right?
And is not bothering anybody by doing so, correct?
To the pleasure of the fish, is it not?
Another pearl in the crown of creation, thank you Mam.

But in this whole attitude was a terrible flaw.
When eating in a restaurant, as a matter of fact, never meat was eaten.
But almost every time a well prepared and cooked fish.

And recently at El Triple on the Pacific Ocean.
Walking on the beach with a big mouth shouting that no aniumal cruelty was committed by not fishing.
But when Mexican friend and neighbour Juaquin came and offered fresh fish he caught that morning, it was prepared in a delicious way and eaten as a gourmet.

This, fervent and loyal blog readers, we call hypocrisy.
To be sentimental and unable to catch fish and make them die.
But, on the other hand, to fill the mouth and yummy the tummy with those same fish.

Unfortunately, some people have a hard time to live in hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy is like a continuous crisis to them.
It makes feel uneasy.
Depressing even.

Therefore, as things are in constant movement and development in a vivid consciousness, the decision was made to move out of this horrorlike situation of permanent hypocrisy.
It was realized that a decision should be made.
Either one fishes and eats fish.
Or one does not fish and consequently does not eat fish either.
No more crocodile tears over killing fish while eating them.

A decision has been made.
Life without eating fish altogether, and meat as well, would be hardly possible when living like a pioneering photographer travelling the world.
Soon serious physical trouble would develop due to lack of proteins.
Besides, and let's be honest, fish when well prepared is delicious.

The decision has been made therefore to fish again.
A decision with three sides.
First and foremost, hypocrisy has disappeared.
Second, fish can be eaten with a clear and clean consciousness.
Third, the activity of fishing has become again an option.

In the past all the equipment needed to fish was on board the Fuso Szulc.
Poles, reels, lines, hooks and lures that were given away to a member of the Gonzales family years ago.
In La Paz now a shop has been discovered where fishing equipment is sold of high quality.
And somehow they have mispriced it.
They have put wrong price stickers on it.
Offering the opportunity to purchase the best fishing gear for a ridiculous low price.

Next week is a return to El Triple on the Pacific Ocean.
The fish there better watch.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

A shoe in the neck

Having run out of supplies, the trip has been made from El Triple at the Pacific Ocean to La Paz at the Sea of Cortez.
A city with friends, markets and diesel.

And suddenly the weather has changed.
Warmer in La Paz first but then a morning of dark clouds and high humidity.

A dinner in a small Mexican restaurant with no clientele but a running fountain.
Starting with ceviche, then a traditional spicy Mexican soup followed by grilled cabrilla fish with rice and vegetables.
Accompanied by two Pacifico beers and the owner wanted 110 Mexican pesos. ( € 6,70 / $ 9 )
Who turned out to be a man of erudition with who a long conversation developed about the similarities between Europeans and Mexicans.
And what was so good about the fact that the currency markets not only had the American dollar anymore but a strong Euro as well.

The night in La Paz was also different.
Because of a new pillow.
An anti-allergic one, extra firm with a cotton cover bought at La Paz' Wall*Mart for 95 Mexican pesos. ( $ 7,72 / € 5,80 )

Before, an awkward shaped Tempur-Pedic pillow had been used but over the last weeks strange pains raged in the neck and left shoulder.
The Tempur-Pedic pillow came under suspicion and now, with the Wall*Mart pillow, it will be found out who is guilty.

At the only trailer park still available in La Paz a large motorhome was spotted in which eight persons.
Involved in a project called "Walk a thousand miles in their shoes".
A guy from the UK called Ben has the intention to walk from the south of the peninsula Baja California, from the town of Cabo San Lucas, to the very north, to the city of Tijuana.
That's a thousand miles more or less and a couple of shoes.
Along the way he plans to get involved in helping the unfortunates by spending money on local social projects.
Money he hopes to raise from a website reporting about his walking trip.

The men and women in the motorhome are Ben's back-up team.
In shifts they walk with him to put on video how it is all going to show on the website.

By now Ben has reached La Paz from Cabo San Lucas: that took him 5 days.
They expect to reach Tijuana in a few months.

It is a challenge to walk to Tijuana from La Paz.
Very long stretches are through the desert and over the mountains with no people around for hundreds of miles.
Then there is the heat and the strong northwestern wind blowing in the face forcefully.

But the weakest point may turn out to be the back up team.
They are volunteers.
Some from Europe: two Spaniards and a girl from Lille in France.
Obviously they are involved because they believe in the project.
And are supposed to remain involved for several months.
Without pay.
But the particular aspect of believing, powering involvement, is that it can grow strong and it can evaporate.
A not so good sign is that from the website reporting on the walking trip, intended to raise money to spend on social projects along the way, not much is coming in.
Until now the way the whole project is set up is not working very well.

For Ben it might be an extraordinary experience to walk from Cabo San Lucas to Tijuana.
Something he will never forget in his life.
But the dressing around his personal ambition, the back up team, have less fruits to pick.
How long will his charisma and enthusiasm be strong and effective enough to keep the team together?
Is that already causing him sleepless nights?

There were more pillows to buy in La Paz' Wal*Mart.
To stop pain in the necks.
This Ben might want to get one.


Project "Walk a thousand miles in their shoes": see


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Caught between two oranges

Oranges are magical things.
They contain orange juice and keep this for us fresh and vital for weeks at a time.

Another magical thing happened last night.
At about 7 pm the sun went down.
Round and red like an orange.
But that was not the full treatment of magic.

In the east, at the very same time, the full moon came up.
Round and red like an orange also.

The world, as it appeared here at El Triple in Baja California, Mexico was caught between two reddish round objects in the sky.
One in the west, one in the east.
Us in between oranges.

Giving an instant inspiration to meditate about transcendency.
How we are caught as human beings in dualism.
Male and female.
Good and bad.
Black and white.
Moon and sun.

While we know that the amoeba is male nor female.
Nor are our cells male or female.
They reproduce a-sexually.

And God too.
In spite of what religions tell us and showed us in images: God is not a man nor a woman.
God is above gender.
And free of dualism.

In fact, the concept of God, the concept of eternity, the concept of origin, all these things are beyond our capability of thinking.
They are things that do not fit into our mind .

We are caught between two oranges.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The bee that can't be forgiven

Living near the ocean in a subtropical climate in wintermode approaching spring and warmer temparatures results in observing changes in nature.
The beach is widening as sand is being transported by the waves due to new currents.
The sun rising earlier and earlier and going down later and later.

And the insects come to life.
All winter months they have been hibernating or were not born yet, but now they are coming!

First attack was from the bees.
Already last week a queen of bees and her entourage had attached themselves to the rocks nearby.
Thousands and thousands of bees crawling on what looked like a black ball very much alive.

But yesterday they came to the Fuso Szulc.
Circling around the expedition vehicle and any person coming outside was attacked.
Getting into the hair of the humans and any opening of the clothes.
This is how the driver of the Fuso Szulc was bitten by a bee.
In a place of which the management has decided it is so intimate and private, the exact location can't be revealed to a public audience on the internet.

After the bite, immediately protection and shelter was found inside the Fuso Szulc and with a piece of cotton 85 % alcohol was gently applied.
Gently because of the particular location of the bite.

There was no other way of dealing with the bee situation than like in the film "The Birds" by the English film maker Alfred Hitchcock.
Hiding inside and hoping for the best.
That one day the bees would go away.

They did.
But now where the bee had its bite, the pain is gone to be replaced by serious itching.
Making scandalous situations and how lucky no other people are around.


Monday, April 26, 2010

To make ice of the body

In the past at El Triple, Baja California, Mexico, for washing the body a solar shower was used.
A large, black, plastic bag with on the top a wide opening to fill and on the bottom a hose with a shower head.
In the morning the solar shower is filled with ocean water and the bag is put in the sunshine away from the wind.
Late in the afternoon the water inside the solar shower is nice and warm.
The bag is hanged from a rock higher than the length of the person taking the shower.
And conveniently the body can be washed with comfortable warm water.

This is not exactly a luxury.
The temperature of the water of the Pacific Ocean these days is very, very low.
In fact, it is freezing the fragile body that was in the warm temperatures of 26º C /79º F outside the water.

The reason the Pacific Ocean is still that cold is the current.
In wintertime along the Baja California coast is a north to south current.
Cold waters from Alaska are brought all the way down.
But in Spring, a current starts to push warm water from Central America to the north.

This reverse of currents has not happened yet.
Still cold water is coming down from the north making swimming and bathing a cold enterprise.

But local fisherman Juaquin tells that any week now the reverse can take place.
So that the ocean water will become drastically warmer.

Are the inhabitants of the Fuso Szulc, located at El Triple next to the Pacific Ocean, therefore taking daily showers from the solar heated water system?
Or are they the bravest in the world demonstrating courage and toughness by diving in the high and strong waves of the ice cold Pacific Ocean daily?


Sunday, April 25, 2010

In the heart forever

We all have friends.

Because friends are vital to have a happy life.
To have somebody who is close and with who much can be shared.
To have somebody for who we are always available when the friend is in need.

One of the oldest friends is a film director from France.
The first time he was met was on a canal boat in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1986.
Immediately there was a special connection and soon after the friendship continued during long stays in Paris, France.

This friendship has lasted now for over forty years.
And although there have been intervals that there were no meetings in person for quite some time, each new opportunity of getting together instantly this special connection existed again.

It combined with the birthday when there was a new and long conversation very recently.
One friend in a hotel room in Montreal, Canada and the other friend in a camper in Mexico.
Communicating from laptop computers with Skype on the Internet.

And in spite of the modern but rather superficial technique of communication, immediately there was a closeness and intimacy again as if the meeting was in one room.

It is indescribable the joy and happiness that is felt to learn the long time friend is healthy, happy and doing very well.
And to be able to inform the friend that the conditions on the own side are absolutely the same.
The joy and happiness to realize that 40 years have gone by and that both of the comrades are still doing well and continue to be in warm friendship.
That they have not fallen into any kind of serious and fatal suffering.

During the conversation, seeing each other on the computer screen, a silence occurred.
A silence that lasted that long that it obtained a very special meaning.
A silence that opened the way to feel something extraordinary:
the deep realization that the long time friend has been and will be in the heart forever.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Purity only found inside life

When living where ocean meets the land, things can be found.
Washed ashore from the world of men and animals.
Brought by the waves to land on the sand of the beach.

This is metaphorical but today we don't go into mysticism.
It is about the concrete things that end up on the beach.

Yesterday this was a dolphin.
A beautiful animal that somehow had died and was washed ashore.

Already in the early morning, from the fabulous vantage point of the Fuso Szulc, two coyotes had been spotted ripping at an object washed ashore.
Later, when making the morning walk, it was discovered it was an adult dolphin.

Already the belly had been ripped open by the coyotes and many of the intestines eaten by the vultures.

It was decided to move the dolphin higher up on the beach close to the dunes.
To give it a more decent place and honor it with a last sign of respect and appreciation for its ended existence.

It needed the force of two persons to move the heavy sea creature higher on the beach.
But while moving it something was noticed.
From the open belly an object was seen inside the body.
First it was assumed it was the liver or something.
But then it was noticed that when pushing on the belly, this object slightly came out.

An effort was made to accomplish a total delivery and shocking was the surprise to see it was a baby dolphin.
The dolphin had been pregnant.
The mother who died for unknown reasons, washed ashore and had the baby end the life with her.

It was of a morbid beauty.
This baby dolphin.
Like still being with the angels.
Of a purity found only inside life.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Received this message

Once a year we celebrate with stupid hats and plastic plates,
the fact that you were able to make another trip around the sun.
And the whole clan gathers round' gifts and laughter too will bound,
we let out a joyful sound and sing that stupid song.

Happy Birthday, now your one year older.
Happy Birthday, your life still isn't over.
Happy Birthday, you did not accomplish much.
But you didn't die this year i guess that's good enough.

So lets drink to your fading health, and hope you don't remind yourself
your chance of finding fame and wealth decrease with every year.
Dose it feel like your doing laps, and eating food and taking naps,
and hoping that some day, perhaps, your life will hold some cheer.

Happy Birthday, what have you done that matters?
Happy Birthday, your starting to get fatter.
Happy Birthday, it's downhill from now on.
Try not to remind yourself your best years are all gone.

If cryogenics were all free then you could live like Walt Disney and live
for all eternity inside a block of ice.
But instead your time is set this is the only life you get,
and though it hasn't ended yet some times you wish it MIGHT!

Happy Birthday, you wish you had more money.
Happy Birthday, your lives so sad it's funny.
Happy Birthday, how much more can you take?
But your friends are hungry so just cut the stupid cake.

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Dear Michel..


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The lonely women in this world

Last night the movie theatre in the Fuso Szulc had a show.
It was a documentary film about a day in the life of a family.
Made with a simple camera by the grandfather.

We saw how the mother woke up the two children, had them dressed, served them a hearty breakfast and had them go to school.
How the father woke up and had breakfast to go on his bike to his atelier where he worked as a sculptor.
The mother who washed the dishes and made up the beds.

There were also scenes of the two children at the Steiner school and the mother going to visit the husband in his atelier.
After which she went singing in a choir.

Later the children returned home and the whole family had dinner together.
To go peacefully to sleep.

The documentary was made for private use and can't be seen by the public.
Only the persons involved in this video have a copy.

One major thing can be noticed for an objective viewer.
Which is the role of the mother.
She has to work really hard.
To have the family live properly and effectively.
The mother is the axle and the centre around which everything turns.
Every day it is the same procedure, waking up the children, getting them dressed, serving them breakfast, getting them to school and if she could not have this devotion and discipline, things would get completely out of hand.

But what is probably the hardest part for the mother is that she shows absolute interest in the children and the husband.
How was it in school today?
What did you learn?
How was the meeting in your atelier?
And no one, not the husband and not the children, ask: and, mother, how was your day?
And no one, not the husband and not the children, say: what a delicious food did you cook for us tonight.
And no one, not the husband and not the children, say: thank you for taking so good care of us.

The woman works hard and gives herself completely to her husband and her children and gets very little back in return.

The video then shows how she plays the piano when the husband and the children are away and she is alone at home.
She plays the piano very well and it is a work by Eric Satie we hear.
The camera travels to the view of the garden from the window and shows a weeping willow and a blossoming laburnum tree.
The viewer is caught in a feeling of sadness for this woman who has made everybody close to her a total priority in her life.
But she is alone.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dreams made true

Many friends have been made along the way life has travelled and one from Paris who was met in 1969 always made an extraordinary claim.
He said that he never dreamt.
Sleeping for him was as normal as anybody else but never would he wake up realizing he had experienced any dreams.

It is a statement hard to believe but the long time friend is totally sincere and therefore it must be believed.

Dream experts say though that everyone of us actually dreams.
They say that some of us simply don't remember their dreams.
Because when these people claiming not to dream are brought into a sleep lab and awakened when they experience the part of the sleep called the REM (Rapid Eye Movement), they report they have been dreaming.
Much to their surprise.

Of course people that can't remember their dreams do not suffer of this.
Because they don't know what they are missing.

However, the dreamers among us know better.
They know from experience that dreaming can be spectacular.
Especially for the ones among us that dream in a visual way.
Who can clearly remember visually what they have seen in the dream.
Remembering like a story of H.P. Lovecraft.

And there we hit on something truly amazing.
When a dreamer remembers for example that he is dreaming that he walks through a city, the streets and the buildings can be clearly remembered as if it has been a holiday trip.
But we know that those streets and those buildings do not represent a city that exists in reality.
The city in the dream, every street and every building, has been designed and constructed by the subconscious.
The mind as an architect and set builder.
Streets and houses designed from memories and impressions.
The subconscious generating a fantasy world with realistic elements like a complex design soft ware program on a sophisticated computer.

How great would it be if a machine was developed that could make pictures of the scenes we see in our dreams.
To be able to print what exactly the subconscious comes up with concerning landscapes, cityscapes and even the persons in our dreams.
Dreams made true.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Become a storming shooter

There are not many photographers anymore that use analog cameras.
Most have switched to digital cameras.
More easy, more options, more economic.

But as always, not everything of what we call progress is that good.
One of the characteristics of a digital camera is that on the back there is a monitor.
A small LCD screen where the photographer can see the results.

This is why that most photographers, after they have taken a picture, immediately look to the back of their camera.
To see on the screen the result.
To check if it is technically OK.
To decide if it is a good or a bad picture.

That is all very fine but besides the huge advantages of having a digital camera there are at least two major disadvantages of this option of seeing instantly the image on a screen on the back of the camera.

One is that the creative process of shooting images is interrupted.
With an analog camera there is nothing to see on the back.
No LCD screen.
Therefore, the photographer takes a picture, possibly looks at the subject, thinks, is creative and shoots again.
And this goes on for maximum 36 images.
However, with a digital camera, the photographer shoots, turns the camera down 45º, studies the result as seen on the LCD screen, turns the camera back in an angle of 90º and pays again attention to the subject.
Hence, for the time the photographer studies the image on the LCD screen, he loses total contact with the subject.
Now imagine the subject is a person.
Each time after taking a picture, the model is left totally alone by the photographer.
Who shifts completely the priorities, the attention and the interaction.
The photographer is going in and out of a relationship.
From being one with the model to being one with the photography.
Most models will not appreciate this approach and way of working.
The model is made a puppet more than ever.

The second vital aspect comparing analog cameras with digital cameras is that with analog cameras no assessment can be made of the pictures that are made until the film is developed and prints are made.
Hence, the photographer shoots left and right knowing that the editing will take place much later.
With this method during the creative process of making pictures no selecting between good and bad takes place.
A lot is made.
Everything is tried.
And later it becomes clear if a successful and convincing picture has been made.

With a digital camera a photographer makes a picture and looks immediately at the LCD screen and gets into the position of an editor.
Who will decide if the picture is good or not good.
We may wonder if editing during a shooting is the best time to do this precarious job.
Is the photographer at that moment cool and objective enough to truly be able to decide if an image is good or bad?
And is it effective to be one moment a photographer and the next moment an editor to return back to being a photographer?
Is that stimulating the creative process?

The approach that is recommended here is to switch off the LCD screen of the digital camera.
And to photograph like it was an orgy by letting go of everything to decide later, after the shooting, what is good and what is bad.
It keeps the photographer in continuing close contact with the model or the subject.
And it makes the photographer a storming shooter.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Save the whales

Dear President Obama,

America has led the international fight to stop the cruel, unnecessary commercial slaughter of whales for decades.

Since championing passage of the international ban on commercial whaling in 1986, every American President has reasserted our nation’s strong leadership role in the fight to save whales already threatened as never before by pollution, ship strikes, entanglement, climate change and other perils.

Today, disturbing reports indicate that your administration may support an international agreement permitting Japan and others to resume commercial whaling.
We respectfully ask that you act immediately to stop this sellout, and instruct U.S. representatives to the International Whaling Commission to instead act to end all
commercial whaling worldwide.
Honor your promise.
As a candidate you said:
“As President, I will ensure the U.S. provides leadership in enforcing international
wildlife protection agreements, including strengthening the international moratorium on commercial whaling.
Allowing Japan to continue commercial whaling is unacceptable.” (3/16/08)

Over 75% of the American public agrees and opposes commercial whaling.
Scientists and environmental groups worldwide object to this unseemly, back-room
deal to reward Japan for decades of illegal whaling under the guise of scientific research.
Surely, Mr. President, these gentle, intelligent creatures deserve better from us than a long and painful death just to show up on the menu in some overpriced restaurant?
Please President Obama, honor your promise:
Stop the sellout.
Save the Whales.


You can help! Text IFAW to 30644
or visit


Saturday, April 17, 2010

We are conquered!

Right above the bed on the ceiling in the Fuso Szulc a small clock is mounted.
So that the person laying in bed can see what is the time.
And the date and the temperature.

Then, this morning the conversation developed that we see the time on a digital clock while we have no clue how technically the device works.
And that this goes for many machines, tools and gadgets we use in these modern times.

Somehow the time is shown on a display.
Somehow an iPod contains hours of music.
Somehow a digital camera shoots brilliant pictures that are in focus and bright of colour.
Somehow a software program on a computer changes a tilted landscape to being exactly horizontal.

There has been a time that people knew how things worked.
But that is long ago.
Now, a simple non-technical person is surrounded day and night by machines of which the working is not understood.

Some years ago a nuclear power plant was photographed in Japan.
More particularly the activities of one nuclear engineer who worked in the control room.
It was amazing to hear him say that not one person in the nuclear power plant was completely aware how it was working.
Every engineer knew only a part of how the nuclear power plant worked.

And this may be the characteristic of the advancing technology.
It is becoming more and more independent.
An entity by itself.
Created by humans but having become that complex that everybody experiences that it works but that less and less people know how it works.

Science fiction writers have predicted long time ago that eventually technology will become our master.
And we humans their servants and slaves.

But one thing we know for sure.
No machine ever can write a blog like this.

Friday, April 16, 2010

From alone to together

Spending time these days at El Triple, Baja California, Mexico is different than it was before.
It used to be a place where hardly anybody came and true solitude could be found.
But when the whole area was bought from the Mexican owner Francisco Xavier Cadena by an American developer, things drastically changed.

To the north of El Triple, a few miles away, was an abandoned rancho and a waterhole.
There, a large metal shed was built and an old motorhome parked in which Leonardo is living who is hired by the American developer as a guardsman.

Opposite from the location where the Fuso Szulc is parked is the result of the building activities of the American developer.
Activities until now because the economic crisis is also noticeable at El Triple.
The American developer has run out of money and the construction of the resort has been halted.

Next to it is an old Terry trailer in which Juaquin is living.
Who is the guardsman there.

Unfortunately both Leonardo and Juaquin also suffer of the economic crisis and the American developer running out of money .
For four months now they have not been paid and they experience serious financial hardship.
They continue to be on duty but this is more to keep their legal rights.

Having Juaquin and Leonardo close by changes the situation at El Triple compared as to how it used to be.
The two guys have become friends and infrequently there are get togethers.
But the main aspect of their presence near the Fuso Szulc is that El triple has become a place that is shared.
From solitary to communal.

In the past, being completely alone at El Triple, there was always the knowledge that if something serious would happen, like a bite by a big rattlesnake, life would end there and then.
But now there are Juaquin and Leonardo.
Who are ready to come to the rescue if an emergency happens.

This was the case last year.
The modem of the Motosat Datastorm satellite system died and access to the Internet was not possible anymore.
Juaquin has a mobile phone and when he puts himself on the roof of the resort building he can get a weak but usually fair signal.
With Juaquin's phone good friend Alonso was called in La Paz who called the Queen of Dreams in Europe to explain why internet communication was failing.

And this time the Fuso Szulc was low on water.
Hence, Juaquin and his friend filled the water tank no problem.

Now, the question is, was it better in the past being in total solitude, or is it nicer now being with the Queen of Dreams and having Juaquin and Leonardo as neighbours?

The answer is that at the time, in solitude, it was very nice.
And now, in community, it is wonderful also.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


One of the reasons that so much time has been spent at El Triple, Baja California, Mexico was the wide beach.
At low tide the width of the beach was many, many meters offering the possibility to create images on what looked like an endless surface.

But something has changed.
Now, returned to El Triple, the wide beach has completely disappeared.
The ocean at high tide comes as high as the sand dunes and takes them away.
At low tide hardly any beach is open and dry.

Why this is?
One may say it is the climate change and the rising sea levels.
Someone else may say this is because of Springtime storms.

September 2007

April 2010


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To completeness

The days at El Triple now.
A place where is the Pacific Ocean, the beach, the desert and the sky.
And the only thing else is the person being there.

By being there the location becomes one big mirror.
And the image that is seen is of an extreme clarity.
Nothing can hide anymore the true self.

This time it is not a solitary presence at El Triple.
It is together with the Queen of Dreams.
Who is deeply loved.
And it has become clear that the mirror of El Triple is able to reflect not only the two individuals but the two together as well.

A mirror is a neutral thing.
It will show whatever that needs to be reflected.
The things that are beautiful.
The things that are dark and fearful.

The good thing of being with a mirror is that at least things can be seen.
And that El Triple has a harmony that allows a person to truly realize what is seen in the mirror.
To accept peacefully the confrontation without getting upset or insulted or annoyed or defensive.
And use what is seen to become more complete.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Long El Triple Goodbye

Returned to El Triple in Baja California, Mexico.

The long beach where as of 1979 so many weeks and months have been spent.

Until 1985 to make sequences.
Followed in the years after by VISTA images, videos and the PS series.

Visits and stays at El Triple last year and now are not to make new pictures.
This is explained in an interview by journalist Mick Davidson for AG photomagazin in the UK.
To be published in july 2010.

Mick Davidson:

How will your work evolve in the future?

Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski:

This is an invitation to speculation.

Right now I am most interested in my autonous photo documentary work.
And am working on different projects with great pleasure and good results.
However, concerning the autonomous conceptual photography, I believe that this is a field where no innovation is possible anymore.
Anything that is made in that field is a repetition or a variation on what has already been made.
I believe that autonomous conceptual photography has been researched and explored to the most far ends and that nothing truly original can be discovered there anymore.
As I am not interested in persiflage, copying, imitating and making variations and therefore being mediocre, I have left this field of autonomous conceptual photography and enjoy myself deeply with my projects in the field of autonous photo documentary work.
And expect to continue in this way.

Staying at El Triple now is like a long goodbye.
Of the days of autonomous conceptual photography.
And of the desolateness of the location.
Of the fabulous view of the Pacific Ocean.
And the violent northwestern wind that tortures frequently.

To create an opening for moving to another location.
Probably somewhere in the mountains.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Pesos polka

Prices in Mexico.

1 liter of diesel: 8 Pesos
€ 0,48 = $ 0.65

1 liter of fruit juice: 10 Pesos
€ 0,60 = $ 0.82

1 kilo of avocados: 28,90 Pesos
€ 1,74 = $ 2,37

1 kilo of apples: 32,90 Pesos
€ 1,98 = $ 2,69

1 coconut: 9,90 Pesos
€ 0,59 = $ 0.80

1 kilo of carrots: 7,90 Pesos
€ 0,47 = $ 0.64

1 cauliflower: 17,90 Pesos
€ 1,08 = $ 1.47

1 kilo of bananas: 13,90 Pesos
€ 0,84 = $ 0,65

1 kilo of pears: 28,90 Pesos
€ 1,74 = $ 2.37

1 kilo of melon: 19,90 Pesos
€ 1,20 = $ 1.63

1 kilo of lemons: 13,90 Pesos
€ 0,84 = $ 1,14

1 kilo of grapefruits: 8,90 Pesos
€ 0,54 = $ 0.74

1 kilo of broccoli: 16,90 Pesos
€ 1,02 = $ 1.39

1 kilo of papaya: 15,90 Pesos
€ 0,96 = $ 1.31

1 kilo of guayabas: 20,90 Pesos
€ 1,26 = $ 1.71

1 kilo of mangoes: 14,90 Pesos
€ 0,90 = $ 1.22

1 kilo of tomatoes: 19,90 Pesos
€ 1,20 = $ 1.63

1 kilo of kiwis: 59,90 Pesos
€ 3,61 = $ 4.91


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leaving town

A morning of excitement because there will be a departure from La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.
To go to El Triple, the location where so many weeks have been spend to make sequences and other conceptual work.

It will also be a return to a specific lifestyle.
Ascetic, simple, harmonious, close to nature, creative, productive.
And this time together with the Queen of Dreams.

Supplies have been loaded into the Fuso Szulc.
80 litres of drinking water.
20 kilos of oranges.
Organic brown rice.
Plenty of tofu.

Once arrived at location, the Motosat Datastorm satellite system will be activated and once on line, new postings can be made on this blog.

Off we go.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

The real MSK

Numerous were the contributions that were send in to the latest riddle published on this blog.
The initials of the name of a person had to be found and the good job all did was finding the correct initials.
That was fine.
But next, all brave participants were wrong deciding which person was standing for those initials.
It was believed the initials were the ones of the name of the person responsible for this blog.
But alas.
That was a very wrong solution.
Why was it believed it would be that simple when a first grand prize was available of a mere $ 500?

The correct answer, guessed by not one promising participant, to the question for who the initials MSK were standing for, is Mohammad Sidique Khan.
A man born on October 20, 1974 in Leeds, UK.

He was the oldest of the four suicide bombers responsible for the July 7, 2005 bombings in London, UK.
Together with his comrades he detonated bombs on three London Underground trains and one bus in central London.
Mohammad Sidique Khan and his comrades killed 52 people and themselves.
Over 700 people were injured.

A few months later, on September 1, 2005 a videotape emerged featuring Mohammad Sidique Khan.
The tape was shown on Al Jazeera TV.
In this video Mohammad Sidique Khan says:
"I and thousands like me have forsaken everything for what we believe"
By now we know this is true.
But he also says:
"Your democratically elected governments continually perpetrate atrocities against my people all over the world. Your support makes you directly responsible. We are at war and I am a soldier. Now you too will taste the reality of this situation."
This way of thinking is a sample of many Mohammads.
And the point is that Mohammad Sidique Khan was not wrong in his statement.
If we seriously realize how the Palestinians on the Westbank and the Gaza strip are made to suffer worse than animals, a suffering sanctioned and supported by the USA, many Arab nations like Egypt, and sanctioned by the European Union, we are indeed directly responsible.
How can a person who identifies himself with the situation of the Palestinians not come to opposition?
Remember former President Jimmy Carter who visited the Gaza Strip and the Westbank and published soon after a shocking book describing the horrible situation in which the Palestinians have to live and describing how the Israelian Government and its allies are responsible for this.
This book was one big scream of a protest of a man who truly realized the atrocities perpetrated against the Palestinians.
President Jimmy Carter is a highly educated man who knows how to channel his anger and his indignation into adequate directions.
But a young man of 31 from Leeds in the UK easily sees himself as a soldier.
A warrior.
An ambitious savior.
And comes to believe in methods we may wonder a change and solution shall bring more close.
But one fundamental Mohammad Sidique Khan had right.
Atrocities are committed daily on the Westbank and the Gaza Strip and we are responsible.

Friday, April 9, 2010

$ 500 to win

There is deep disappointment.
As all fervent and loyal blog readers know, yesterday a complicated riddle was published.
The expectation was that many would send in the correct response.
But amazingly, only two fervent and loyal blog readers found the right answer.

This blog has about 200 readers a day.
Therefore, mathematicians will say that only 1 % of the readers passed the test.
Had the intellect to cook up the right solution.

As the majority of the readership, in this case 99 %, is always right and the dominant force, today we have a riddle that is fully adjusted to our fervent and loyal blog readers.

Have a very close look therefore at this picture.

It was taken yesterday.
And answer the following questions:

In what country was this picture taken?
What do they sell in this shop?
What fuel does an airplane use?

If you manage to find the correct answers, you will have three words.
Take the first letter of each word.
Now you have the initials of the name of a person.
What is the full name of this person?

The first fervent and loyal blog reader that sends in the correct name of that person wins $ 500.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Left or right?

The journey from the rancho of the Gonzales family at Punta Boca del Salado to the city of La Paz, Baja California, Mexico, is with the Fuso Szulc approximately 5 hours.

But traveling together with the Queen of Dreams, it is a most pleasant trip.

This was partly achieved by a riddle she presented at the beginning of the long journey.
A riddle so complicated that it took many hours of deep thinking to come up with the solution.
A solution that turned out to be correct.
To the surprise of the Queen of Dreams, because all her friends she had presented this riddle with had been unable to come up with the correct answer.
Not her driver though!

It is a known fact that most of the fervent and loyal blog readers shine with brilliancy.
This riddle will be for them an easy thing to solve.
It goes like this:

A man is walking already the whole day.
Trying to reach the town of Jensenburg.
He is tired and it is getting dark.
But more scary is that he has lost his way.
But fortunately he reaches a T-section of the road and he sees a small house.

He knocks on the door to ask the people living there if he has to turn left or right to reach Jensenburg.
A guy opens the door and lets him in.
There are two brothers living in the little house.
Who immediately tell that one of them always tells the truth and that the other always lies.

The riddle is: what must the traveler ask the brothers to find out to turn left or right to reach Jensenburg?
One question, fervent and loyal blog readers, will give from both brothers the same answer.
For the traveler to know whether to turn left or right and reach Jensenburg.

If you know what that question is, send it in as a comment and prove that the driver of the Fuso Szulc should not think anymore he is so smart.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fight the fight

There is a second chapter to the issue that was the subject of yesterday's posting.
That was about physical violence in a relationship coming from the woman directed towards the man.

A lot could be said about the woman becoming physically violent but that is a matter that concerns her.
The man involved in this should not bother with that initially.
That can wait until a possible later evaluation performed by the two protagonists.

The man should focus fully on the emotions inside his heart that are initiated by the actions of the woman .
Like the anger that may arise coming from her agression.
Or rage.
Or the urge to become physical violent also.

It is a matter of remaining centred.
To be able to be a spectator of the own emotions.
Instead of drowning in the own emotions and to be carried away by them.

This recommended method is easy to put in words.
But it is a different story when hell breaks loose.
When the coffee pot is smashed against the wall.
When there is screaming and yelling.
When there is accusing and insulting.
In that situation to remain calm and centred is a godlike task.

It is the only way though.
To neutralize the situation.
And to create the circumstances to have calm return.
To be able to evaluate together and have understanding for the outburst.
To reach new grounds for life together.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Woman beats man

One of the most painful issues between a man and a woman is physical violence.
When it comes to this, somehow other forms of communication have failed.
And out of frustration reaching each other comes to be physical violence.

Now, when the man beats the woman, what he never should do no matter what, the man has an advantage.
Usually he is the physical stronger and the woman is weaker.
She has no effective defences and this is recognised in the civil laws of most countries.
Where men who beat up women go to jail.

But what happens when it is the woman who becomes physically violent?
That she gets so angry and misunderstood and frustrated and upset and hysterical that she loses all control and physically attacks the man?
An immediate issue arises in that case.
If a woman attacks physically a man, is the man entitled to respond with physical violence also?
The answer is simple: absolutely not.
He should try to neutralize the physical attack.
And move the interaction into calmer non-violent waters.

This is the absolute obligation of the man.
There are no excuses.

However, this puts the man in a most responsible position.
When it comes to physical violence between a man and a woman there usually is a history of emotional confrontations.
That have been expanding each time losing any reasonability and that are filled with high and extreme emotions.
On both sides.
Hence, probable is that the intensity of the emotions of the woman is matched by the intensity of the emotions of the man.
The woman though can let go of all control and apply physical violence.
But the man, in the same intensity of emotions, must choose somehow to remain rational and controlled.

The question then is, whether the man is able to do so.
He feels the emotions raging through himself.
He feels the physical violence of the woman.
But he must remain rational and controlled.
Is this humanly possible?

Maybe yes.
Maybe no.
Maybe this time he can.
Maybe next time he cannot.

Therefore, a man that gets into this situation can better not rely on his expectation that his rationality and control are always effective.
This is way too dangerous.
Overestimating the own will-power can make the man end up in prison.
And with a lifelong trauma.

The man can chose the safest way out of this unfortunate situation of being with a physically violent woman.
Which is to get the hell out of there.
Far away from her.


Monday, April 5, 2010

The Pope may have to go to jail

An 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit Baja California, where the Fuso Szulc is roaming, but the shaking was too far north to have even been noticed.
The expedition vehicle is still on its wheels.

Meanwhile additional thoughts about the scandal of children having been misused by priests of the Cathiolic church have developed.

One is that the Catholic church is nothing more than an organization.
They pretend a lot more, but the truth and fact is that they are simply a club.
With a club-president they call a Pope.
Assistants to the president they call cardinals.
And assistants to the cardinals they call bisshops.
With workers in the field they call priests.

All these titles mean nothing at all, except within their own organization.
Therefore most correctly is to refer to the president of the Catholic church as Mr. Ratzinger and not "Holy Father" or "the Pope" if one is not a member of the club.

The issue the Catholic church is creating is that they are putting themselves above the law.
They have laws of their own and often take those as if they were the civil laws.

Let's take a tennis club that employs a tennis teacher.
Who teaches how to smash but can't keep his hands out of the pants of the students.
What is the president of the tennis club to do?
Reprimand the tennis teacher?
Punish the teacher or lower temporarily his salary?
Or is the president of the tennis club to obey the civil laws and obliged to immediately call the police and announce his tennis teacher?

As we know, the president of the tennis club can go to jail as well if he covers up his criminal tennis teacher.
Because in our society nobody is above the law.

The attitude of the Catholic church is different.
They have been dealing with priests that broke the civil laws and they have not been calling the police.
Even until now, the policy of the Catholic church is to wash the dirty laundry in their own washing machine.
Protecting and shielding from civil law their criminal priests and committing a crime by doing so.

If the laws were respected, soon all those priests that are accused of molesting children should appear in front of a judge and have their court case.
But also all those bishops, cardinals and Popes who have been covering up and not respecting the laws should face a judge and be punished.
Yes, fervent and loyal blog readers, in spite of his robe, mitre and all the hoopla and fanfare he surrounds himself with to impress, the pope violated the law and should face the judicial consequences.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Pope is a bad Joke

Easter Sunday.
But the Fuso Szulc is in the dry river bed of Punta Boca del Salado in Baja California, Mexico and the sun just came up and it is 21º C and the pelicans are flying by and the waves are crashing on the beach and the birds are vigorously singing in the nearby bushes and what is exactly the signification of Easter in these circumstances?

Of course, with the thorough Roman Catholic education received, it is known that the crucification of Jesus Christ is celebrated with Easter.
Or maybe better put: remembered.
Because Christians still feel guilt for this act of cruelty.
Killing a man who had only good intentions can't be celebrated, right?

A man who has no problem not to feel guilty though is the Pope of Rome.
An 82 year old German by the name of Mr. Ratzinger.

Mr. Ratzinger, Pope Benedict 16.

He had his assistant, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, dean of the College of Cardinals, say today:
"With this spirit today we rally close around you, successor to Saint Peter, bishop of Rome, the unfailing rock of the holy church."
Sodano also said: "Holy Father, on your side are the people of God, who do not allow themselves to be influenced by the petty gossip of the moment, by the trials which sometimes buffet the community of believers."

Cardinal Angelo Sodano

Those are truly nasty remarks, fervent and loyal blog readers.
For one we must realise that Cardinal Sodano is not going to say publicly and in the presence of the Pope anything that Mr. Ratzinger doesn't approve of.
So, we can easily conclude that the Pope sanctioned his Cardinals remarks.
And that says a lot because, what is this that he has another guy say that he is "unfailing".
How can a human being be "unfailing"?
No person sane in the head will ever claim to be "unfailing".
Because that is simply impossible unless you are God yourself.
Therefore we must conclude that the Pope considers himself on the same level as God and had his assistant made this known to the people.

Of course, most people worldwide will understand what a joke this clown made claiming infallibility and the equal of God.
And will only laugh and spend time and energy on more relevant matters.

But in the second part of Cardinal Sodano's statement is something said sanctioned by the Pope that is much more serious.
As we all know, the Roman Catholic church has a history of having priests who have been molesting, misusing, violating and aggressing children.
These widespread practices, that were occurring worldwide, are coming more and more to the surface.
And by now it is known that the current Pope, in a former position, has been involved in a systematic covering up of criminal acts of priests misusing children.
To have this called "petty gossip of the moment" is an affront.
Especially towards all those persons that have been misused by priests that pretended to live in celibacy but had their hands go into the pants of boys and worse acts of sexual and social misbehavior.
And those victims of black-frocked molesters had and have therefore to live with a life long trauma bringing unhappiness, shame, pain and anger.
Bringing all this into the open and have the culprits brought to justice is the right way.
To try, as the responsible authority, to minimize the scandal and label it as petty gossip will
only boomerang.
And postpone drastic measures.
Like cleaning out the stable by punishing the culprits, compensating the victims and ending the obligation for priests to live in celibacy.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good news.

How was it to break a routine?
Not to write the daily posting for the blog?

No big deal actually.
Instead of the time usually reserved for writing the posting, another activity was easily found.
No hole occured in the day.

This morning in a conversation with the Queen of Dreams she mentioned that actually it was very good to have fixed points in the day.
To have activities return every day as if it was a routine.
But to do them of course with the heart open and everything that can be put into the activity.

The reason is that if a day is completely open and nothing needs to be done, as is the life of an artist, a certain program needs to be made to create fulfillment and sense-fullness.

Therefore, to write a daily blog can be a very stimulating activity.
As long as it is not done out of a neurosis and as long as it is done with happiness and quality.

So actually, the experiment of yesterday has resulted in a new level of awareness.
In the heart and the mind of the Queen of Dreams also.

That a daily recurring activity can make sense.

Therefore, hurray, hurray, we will see more daily postings here for the time to come!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breaking a routine

The Queen of Dreams says, how about for a change not publish today a posting on the blog?
To change the routine that is rooted so deep in the daily life.

Most ideas and thoughts of the Queen of Dreams are worth considering and are of inspiration.
Like this one.

Each day a process is developing of trying to find an original and fascinating subject to write about in a posting on the blog.
Of course many things are happening in the life of a permanent pilgrim that deserve a posting, but there are days it seems the reservoir is showing its bottom.

In that case logic would dictate simply not to publish a story.
But loyalty and fervency stimulate to hit the keys of the board anyway and appear with it in front of the friends.

But it is a justifiable consideration to put question markers behind this routine.
The explanation given is that writing each day no matter what gives a tremendous joy.
Especially when there seems not to be a subject.
To create something anyway: as out of nothingness.
Leaving the author with a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment.

But nevertheless, the Queen of Dreams has a point.
Every routine should be waiting to be broken.
To be able to enter a new stage in life.
Where is freshness and innovation.

Therefore, as a break in the routine, tomorrow no posting will be published.
To report after tomorrow how it has been experienced.
And maybe to hear from fervent and loyal readers if it was a problem.