Monday, July 14, 2008

Talent or idiocy

After ten days of retreat the effects clearly start to be noticed.
The inner peace and harmony is becoming more prominent by the day.

The influence of the location is very responsible for this.
Living next to a lagoon means being more in nature.
There are all kinds of birds that come to feed but also demonstrate their flying and singing talents.
There is the body of water undisturbed by waves or ripples reflecting the sky, the clouds, the sun and the moon.

In fact, the confrontation with the ocean is less pacifying and harmonizing than facing a lagoon.
The ocean is brute force and pelicans don’t sing.

But a lagoon makes one breath deeper and slower.

To this fabulous location comes the fact of being in solitude.
Of moving along in life without merging and bending towards others.
This is a very good thing to do once in a while.

Victor Hugo, the French author, 1802-1885, wrote this incredible book titled: "Les travailleurs de la mer". (“The toilers of the sea”).
He knew how good solitude was:
“Solitude generates a certain quantity of sublime exaltation.
The result is a mysterious lucidity of mind which converts the student into a seer, and the poet into a prophet.”

Solitude experienced next to a lagoon and the ocean would have been Victor Hugo’s ideal.
But the famous French author also warned:
“Solitude creates men of talent or idiots.”


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