Thursday, July 10, 2008

A sign of love and friendship

There are several activities that are performed each and every day.
For the physical well-being.
Besides eating and sleeping, there are also the daily post-siesta walk and the evening run.

The evening run is on new Nike Air shoes and takes place on the beach.
Each day 10 minutes longer and yesterday the impressive time of 60 minutes was reached.
There is curiosity how far this can go.
Running each day for one hour and more might have good effects and bad ones.
At one point it will become excessive and the body will come to protest.
Meaning injuries.
The price to pay for boundless ambition.
But for the moment there are no complaints and only surprise about what the body is able to do.

During the post-siesta walk an interesting cloud was observed in the east.
It started as a vertical cloud far away rising and rising.
Obviously winds in the higher regions were reached and the vertical cone came to bend towards the west.
To eventually form a protective cover above the Fuso Szulc.

It was like an embrace by a higher spirit.
A sign of love.
While being here as one person seeing and feeling the presence of all the people elsewhere known and loved.


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