Friday, July 25, 2008

Almost scammed

Today the day began in a most beautiful way.
A clear blue sky, a temperature of 22 º C (72º F.), no wind and the birds singing.
The ocean quietly rolling its waves on to the beach and the body feeling young and dynamic.

After a simple but healthy breakfast cyberspace came into the Fuso Szulc through the Datastorm satellite connection.
As usual many e-mails and one of them was especially remarkable.
A message from a woman until now unknown.
Her name is Ulia and she wrote:

Hi to you!

One intelligent nice girl is looking for a boyfriend. I am busy in arts.
I like to visit good parties, disco, nightclubs and something like this.
I have many friends in Ukraine and I will be glad to meet a new friend abroad. Friendship – it is good! My future friend, I am here!
I hope you will find me!

Warm hugs
Ulia M

It is not every day that warm hugs are received from the Ukraine.
From Mexico yes, but never from over there.

Let us have a closer look at Ulya.
This is how she looks:

We already know from Ulya that she is working in the arts.
Whatever that may mean.
And that she likes to visit good parties.
The disco too and nightclubs.

On her website she asks herself:
“What I do in my leisure time?”

The answer is:
“I like to rest in my leisure time. I like to travel, to read, to cook and in whole to have great time.”

And she writes:
“The type of man that I desire:
My man must be self-contained, attentive, kind, with good manners, honest, interesting, romantic and family oriented.”

And how does Ulya see her future?
“My future goals are:
I would like to find my other half and to find my destination.”

According to the information on Ulya’s website, she is 28 years old, a Christian, working as a tourist-manager, not smoking, drinking socially only and she is divorced and has a daughter.
She looks for a man between 30 and 60 years old.

We can be sure that many fervent and loyal blog readers are immediately sending signals of warning that this Ulya is a scam.
A way of Ukrainian criminals to look for lonely men in Europe and the USA who are so desperate that they don’t see how fake this presentation is.
To lure them into responding to eventually screw them out of as much money as possible.

Look for example to who her e-mail was sent.
Not only to this hard working photographer but to these as well:
******, ******, *********, *****, *********, *********, *****,, ******

Obviously some computer program was used to find e-mail addresses.

Ulya is not going to receive a reply.
Miss Spam Crook as she is.
But instead a beautiful e-card will be send to the Mexican Senorita.



Jason said...

PLEASE remove the email addresses you posted here. My address is listed and I don't want it to get farmed off this page.

julius said...

hello, I´m doctor in mexico, readme for my mail.