Saturday, July 5, 2008

In and out a nightmare.

What exactly is a nightmare?
One comes to know when one is in it.

Today life decided it was time for the nomadic photographer to experience a real nightmare.

At 8 AM was an appointment with Engineer J. Manuel Montoya to have the springs of the front axle of the Fuso Szulc adjusted.
To solve the problem these deformed springs were causing that the camper box was in an angle of at least 15 degrees.

By 8.30 AM all the mechanics had arrived and it was explained they had to fix first another car.

A long time ago it has been giving up in Mexico to protest.
To remind the ones involved that an appointment was made and that this was a fixed agreement.
Things go often differently in Mexico and much better is to adapt.
To let the river flow and adjust one’s priorities.
If everybody is late, nobody’s late.

After waiting for two hours the Fuso Szulc was allowed to drive on the pit and the muchachos discovered the left front springs were 2 inches lower compared to the right front springs.
Hence, it was decided to adjust both pairs and the boys started working.
It is a big, dirty and heavy job to take off springs of a medium sized truck.
But they managed and they used a powerful machine to bend the springs in a way so that they would carry the Fuso Szulc horizontally and vertically in correct and appropriate ways.

The job was finished in the early afternoon and was costing about 900 Mexican Pesos (55€/$87) including generous tips to the two greased and dirty muchachos.

Immediately the Fuso Szulc was moved to Xavier’s workshop, the spray painter, where fine-tuning for his painting job was taking place.
And it was also there that it was discovered that the angle the Fuso Szulc had been suffering before the springs were adjusted had gotten only worse.
The camper box was hanging to one side more than ever.

So, when Xavier finished his job, immediately the Fuso Szulc returned to Engineer Manuel Montoya’s workplace.

The muchachos were surprised also and recommended to come back the next day and they would fix it.
The typical “maƱana” word.
It took a lot of discussion to try to convince them to fix it right away but they simply refused.
Fortunately the engineer himself showed up and fathered the muchachos into a more cooperative mood and after waiting almost two hours the Fuso Szulc was back on the pit.

It was 7 pm when finally the Fuso Szulc returned to Casa Blanca trailer park in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.
But the nightmare was not over yet.
When checking again the Fuso Szulc, it was clear that again that the camper box is in an angle.
That the front left corner sags.
It was OK when leaving engineer Manuel Montoya’s workplace and then after driving for 20 minutes the springs have sagged again.

It feels very uncomfortable to be in this nightmare.
To get out of it this whole problem of the sagging springs is put out of the existence.

This morning food supplies will be purchased and the Fuso Szulc will go to El Triple at the Pacific Ocean north of La Paz, Baja California, Mexico, to stay there for several weeks.
In peace and harmony.


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