Monday, June 30, 2008

Building a home for friends

For many months now, while staying at Punta Boca del Salado, Baja California, Mexico, often time has been spent building a pyramid.
Right in front of the Fuso Szulc on the beach with stones found in the vicinity.

One day the Mexican Señorita came to visit and when she saw the pyramid she asked the only question that comes up in the mind of every sane person:
“What sense does that make?”

Why would someone spend so much time, effort and energy to build a pyramid on a beach in Mexico?
Who is served by that thing?
Calling it a pyramid while it is not much more than a heap of stones.
Does a person not have better things to do?

The explanation given to the Mexican Señorita was that as an artist basically all activities are not making any sense.
A baker bakes bread, Apple makes computers and Airbus airplanes but nobody asks an artist to make art.
Art is usually a product for which is no demand.
That is not serving a purpose and plays no role in society.
This in general: there are exceptions.

So, how can one be on a location like Punta Boca del Salado, Baja California, Mexico working on the art without feeling senseless?
Without being frequently attacked by thoughts of being useless, decadent, a-social and more than marginal and completely off?

This is where the pyramid comes in.
It is true that building like an Egyptian in Mexico makes no sense at all.
No purpose to put stones on top of each other on some beach for months.
But in that absurd activity lays a power with tremendous consequences.
Because doing a totally ridiculous activity like building a pyramid, the work on the art promotes to being a very sensible thing to do.
When tired of hauling stones, there is the work on the art waiting as a much more serious activity.

A few days ago the Mexican Señorita came for a visit again and exceptional news could be reported about the pyramid.
This totally useless thing suddenly had become something nobody ever imagined.
A couple of iguanas have made the pyramid their home.
They have discovered the beautiful structure of stones and found it the perfect place to live.

Iguanas are animals that have three eyes.
They see things as well as a photographer.

Now, each morning one of the two iguanas climbs to the top of the pyramid to have a sunbath, watch the Fuso Szulc and the world.

Sometimes we do things without knowing why exactly we do them.
And before to find out why we did it, we come up with these intellectual and sophistic explanations.

While it is so simple.
For months a house was build for the iguana friends.


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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story and so typical of how you start a project for no paticular reason and in the end the reason becomes clear! You are amazing!