Monday, June 2, 2008

Indiana Bones

The nomadic life style that is often lived in the Fuso Szulc expedition vehicle in the boondocks of Mexico, does not offer opportunities to go to the movies.
Yesterday there was a chance being on the Champs Elysees in Paris when it started to rain.
So what better place to be dry and on top of that be entertained by a movie?

The first movie available was “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Chrystal Skull”.

This Mr. Jones was well known because he was the main character in the amusing film “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”.
That film was a kind of revelation and has been seen a few times.
It is the perfect film for boys.
And for men who are in their hearts still boys.

Unfortunately the new Indiana Jones film is a big disappointment.
It is not interesting, not fascinating, not exciting and not entertaining.
It was a waste of the 10,50 € (16,31 $) entrance fee.
For that money a cheap umbrella would have been a better investment.

There are several reasons why it is not a good movie.

One is that they made the film more complicated concerning special effects.
Especially in the end it turns into some kind of science fiction film.
The first Indiana Jones was simple and very realistic.
It played in a time and in situations that were related to times that have been.
Now we see Russians, probably representing the Soviet Regime, in an Amazon jungle setting.
A most ridiculous situation.
Seeing Russian jeeps and trucks and uniforms and arms in the Amazon jungle…

Because of the advanced computer technology also this film gets its share of the spectator looking at totally unrealistic landscapes, buildings and situations generated in the computer.
Not referring in any way to what we ever saw in real life.

There is also more violence in the new Indiana Jones film.
Fights between persons last very long.
And are very ridiculous to see.

But the main problem is Harrison Ford.
The guy is simply too old by now to play an acceptable character like Indiana Jones.
He moves around like a retired polar bear.
Is slow and spiritless and spectators wish he would not have come out of the mothballs.

When the spectator sees Harrison Ford walk or run it is very painful.
He is an old man.
That makes an enormous contrast with the scenes that Indiana Jones jump into action making it so painfully clear we look at doubles.
We see a vibrant man dressed like Indiana pretending it is he.
Obviously, the filmmakers, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, have realized this problem.
They tried to compensate Harrison Ford’s inadequacy with introducing Indiana Jones’ son.
It is a son Indiana Jones was not aware of.
He left the woman when she was pregnant of him.
And never informed him because shortly after she got involved with another man who believed it was his son.
How about the morals propagated here in the film?
Of course immediately Indiana Jones starts to love his newfound son and dominate and lecture him constantly.

Worst is that also the mother has a role in the film.
So we have to witness marital fighting in the worst ways that even the Soviets around them can’t stand.
Because it is a Hollywood film the fairy tale is that at the end of the film they marry and are suddenly very happy.

But a good Indiana Jones film can’t become a classic like the first one when the hero is too old and a son is needed for more action and a woman to have romance.

Commercially the film is a success.
This fourth Indiana Jones film became the seventh-fastest movie ever to crack the $200 million (128 million €) mark.
But that doesn’t make it a good movie.


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Anonymous said...

"But a good Indiana Jones film can’t become a classic like the first one when the hero is too old and a son is needed for more action and a woman to have romance."

You're kidding. Right? You honestly believe that the only way for an Indiana Jones movie can be a classic is when the main character is in his 30s or 40s and is childless? Living in the past . . . aren't we?

Good grief!