Saturday, June 28, 2008

86 % import tax

Maybe it is because of living in a simple and peaceful situation for one month now.
That the conscience sharpens.
Slowly seeing more than has ever been realized before.

Take as an example the pivotal system with which the Fuso Szulc is equipped.

It has never been noticed that the way the shock absorbers have been mounted to the chassis is off by 1 centimetre.

How come this has never been noticed before?
While even having been personally present when they did the job?

Some hours later another thing was noticed.
The handles on the doors are off as well.
They are not put in the same place.

A remarkable sharpening of the awareness of what is seen.

Meanwhile a parcel has arrived from California, USA.

Thanks to the solidarity and gentleness of a friend.

While the Fuso Szulc was stored when the European tour was made recently, some items disappeared from the Fuso Szulc.
Among others the wheel covers and a shovel.

The stolen items were bought by the friend in San Diego and shipped DHL.

First stunning experience was that the wheel covers and the shovel were costing a total of $ 75,38 (47,74 €)
To ship them to a town 1.500 KM (932 miles) south with DHL was costing $ 148 (93,74 €).
But most stunning was that in Guadalajara the Mexican customs opened the parcel and decided that import taxes had to be paid of 634.50 Pesos ($ 61,65 = 39 €)

On merchandise with a value of only $ 75, the Mexicans like to cash 86 % import tax.
No way out.

They have DHL get the money from the recipient.
DHL, before to deliver, calls and asks if the receiver is prepared to pay.
If not, the parcel returns to sender.

It was found that on the Fuso Szulc not everything is in its correct place.
This 86 % import tax neither.



Anonymous said...


Replacing the missing items isn't easy or inexpensive. What were your feelings when you returned to the rancho and found the items missing while the RV was in the care of your friends?

How did this happen?

Anonymous said...

Michel, The whole system of shipping items is failing, DHL is to expensive and customs is full of crooks. I ship to a friend in africa and it's even worse. It seems impossible anymore. Robert