Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The imperfection of time

Over the years the members of the Gonzales family have been photographed.
Originally without any specific purpose as only that it is always a great joy to make pictures.
But when consistently a group of people are documented, and this more than 20 years, something remarkable can be seen.
How time affects people.
How life comes and goes and will end.

During the last visit to Europe, time was spent in Poland scanning a selection of negatives that are kept in the house of cousin Jerzek in Nowy Sacz.
This in preparation of a book about the conceptual photography made in El Triple, Mexico over the last 28 years.
Also negatives were scanned of the Gonzales family to present them as photo books.

These days those photo books are produced through www.lulu.com and soon the first copies will arrive.
But now doubts have arisen whether it is actually such a good idea to confront people that strongly with the past.

In many pictures of the Gonzales are members of the family that have passed away.
And the pictures show clearly how everybody grew older.

It could very well be that to see these photo books will not be a pleasure for the Gonzales.
It might be painful.
Emotional for sure.
A strong confrontation with life and its shortcomings.

But maybe the Gonzales are able to look back at their past with harmony and peace.
Without bitterness and regret.
Accepting life fully.


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