Friday, June 27, 2008

When a mother looses her son

It is getting warm here.
Some would call it hot.
During the day almost 35 degrees Centigrade (95 Fahrenheit) and during the night 24 degrees (75 F).
With hardly any cooling wind from the Sea of Cortez.

Time to leave the east coast of the Baja California peninsula and move to the west side.
To Punta Marquez to continue the work on the PS-series.
Over there temperatures are lower due to the cooling influence of the Pacific Ocean.

The transfer has to wait until after Sunday though.
When is the final of the European Soccer Championships.
Germany playing Spain.
The match will be seen on the small TV of the Gonzales family.
Who are hardly interested.
In fact they even sacrifice because they are completely hooked to their soap operas.
That they have to interrupt during two hours for a soccer match.

The whole day their TV is showing all kinds of soap operas like “Tormenta en el Paraiso”.
“Storm in paradise”.
Cheaply made TV-films.
To reduce costs hardly any scene is on location but everything is filmed in the TV-studio.
Because they produce at high speed the actors and actresses have no time to learn by heart all the texts.
So often you can see them look away obviously reading their words from text boards.

But for the Gonzales the cheapness is not sabotaging them to believe in what they see.
In fact, the main characters are having the personal concern of the Gonzales and if a Gonzales family member has missed an episode the others will do a briefing.
As if it is of any relevance.
But for the Gonzales it has.

These soap operas, called in Spanish “Telenovellas”, are not exactly lifting up one’s spirit.
It is all tragedy, misery, misfortune, suffering and sadness.
A square pipe deposing only negativity of the worst kind into the viewer’s heart.

Somehow this is addictive to people like the Gonzales and millions of others in Mexico.
They not only love to follow the Telenovellas, they are hooked and addicted to them.

In a way that is surprising.
In their lives the Gonzales have their own shares of storms in paradise.

About 5 years ago they lost their son Angelito due to a kidney disease and grief is still strong.

Ketcha’s brother in law in San Diego, USA, is very ill and is unable to finance his medical costs.
He needs frequent medication that costs each time $ 100 and this he doesn’t have.
That is quite a storm in paradise if someone needs medication one cannot afford with all its mortal physical consequences.

One would think that these storms would disrupt enough a happy life.
But no, more is added by watching Telenovellas on TV.

There is a theory that by watching misery on TV, but presented in the rather fairy tale way as Telenovellas do, make people forget their own misery.
Hence, the actual misery of a person can be measured by the time the person is watching Telenovellas.
If half an hour of “Tormenta en el paraiso” will do, the personal misery is rather limited.
But if the TV is showing Telenovellas the whole day, the personal misery must be gigantic.

It is a mother who lost her son.


To learn more about the soap opera "Tormenta en el Paraiso", click on:


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Anonymous said...

It's not just Mexico, there are many millions of soap opera addicts in the US also. Maybe everyone is sad!
Fred Wishnie