Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Having options.

It is truly convenient sometimes to be multi-ethnic.
Although it needs some shuffling in connecting events with the part inside that is linked to it.
Two days ago the national soccer team of Poland was playing the team of Germany.
This in a most exciting tournament now taking place in Switzerland and Austria to decide which national team is the best in Europe.
The result of Poland playing Germany was 0-2.
Not unexpected as the Germans are always playing very well.
But painful nevertheless.
Especially because the coach of the Polish players is the Dutch Leo Beenhakker.
Hence, this event hurts the 50 % Polish vodka and the 25 % Dutch cheese inside.
However, yesterday, the world champions Italy were playing the national team of the Netherlands.
This is quite a thrill when in a tournament already the very first match two of the best teams must compete.
Usually they are both very careful and strive for a 0-0.
To get their advantage playing less strong teams later.
But this time it was sensational.
The Dutch players dominated the match and excelled in a most painful way for the reputed Italians.
The team of the Netherlands devastated the Italians in skills, ideas, cleverness and motivation.
The end result was a 3-0 victory for the Dutch but it could have been 5-0 as well.
This is a very rare and historical match.
That one of two very strong teams is so outclassed.

Of course the 25 % Dutch part moved to the very centre and it was again remembered how grandfather has been a very successful business man who was the first to have in his town a house with an electric elevator and who gave a golden watch to each player of the local soccer team when they became champion.

So these days the “Polska”-banner is taken off the Fuso Szulc and the walking on the beach is now with a swing like if wearing wooden shoes.
On Friday the team of the Netherlands is to play France.
Another gigantic adversary that has been world champion as well.
If the Dutch play a draw or have another win, we have a future.

So, one may ask, what about the 25 % Belgium part?
Where is that?
Ever tried Godiva chocolate, eh?


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