Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eat plastic, pee fuel.

We know now that Google offering the Blogspot service is not monitoring titles of postings and banning them in case they contain one of the forbidden seven words.
Nobody needs to worry anymore.

That makes sense because the forbidden seven words is only a specific USA-affaire.
While Google's Blogspot is available worldwide.
Countries all over the world have different traditions and ways to organize their societies.
For example, a woman cannot sit in a public bus mixed with the men in a country like Iran.
She has to go to the back where all the women sit together while in the front of the bus the men sit all by themselves.

The approach is therefore to always be the observer.
To look at the rules in the different countries.
To experience them, but always temporarily.
To keep the mind and spirit free to whirl in the sky like a butterfly.

With as a result that the mind comes up with an excellent idea combining the forbidden word “piss” and the current high fuel prices.
Why not genetically breed bacteria that eat plastic and pee fuel?
Plastic is made from oil so somehow it should be possible to transform it back into its original state.

Genetically we are able to clone identical sheep, like Polly and Molly.
And breed bacteria that eat nylon.
The Flavobacterium.
So it is a matter of time until we discover a way to have bacteria eat plastic and have bacteria fuel in our gas tanks.

Last night a remarkable dream.
Not unique because this dream has occurred frequently.
On the beach was driftwood.
In the branches of a washed up bush was hanging with a string a plastic bottle.
This bottle was checked and turned out to contain a large amount of coins.
Obviously people had put their money in a bottle and had been hanging it in this bush temporarily while fishing.
To forget about the bottle when returning home.
Wherever that was.
Quickly the bottle was emptied and the coins put in the pocket.
Some time later again a bottle was found hanging in another bush containing a large amount of coins.
And then a third time a large amount of coins was found and this time in the sand of the beach.

A dream about finding money is one thing.
But to find money three times in one dream is rather exceptional.

Maybe this idea of having bacteria transform plastic into oil should be patented because of the coins it may bring in?


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