Thursday, June 5, 2008

Honey in the heart

Several times on this blog, the subject was the observation that around a critical date events like to group.

The centre of events this time was the departure from Europe to return to the United States.
On Wednesday two planes of British Airways guaranteed a smooth and easy voyage between Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Los Angeles in the United States.

But before and after this pivotal event other experiences manifested themselves.
Most were fabulous, one was dramatic and one was a little sad.

It is typical that there is a tendency to accept the fabulous experiences for granted while dramatic and sad ones reverberate negatively in the mind and heart for a longer time.
Solution and healing way is to consciously force to remember the fabulous experiences and have their nectar drip into the heart.

One pot of honey was to meet in Los Angeles immediately after arriving good friend Henry Acland who had with him the new camera.
A Nikon D 300 with a 16-85 mm lens.
This to replace the aging Nikon D70.

It is only every 5 to 7 years that a new camera needs to be purchased.
This makes it each time a fantastic event.

Many fervent and loyal blog readers may wonder what a photographer will do with the old camera and its lenses.
The value of it on Ebay or other markets is low.
And there is the fact that the camera has been the travel companion for many years and has been making pictures of immense value.
In other words, there is an emotional bond between camera and photographer.
After serving many years therefore, the thing cannot be dumped in a business way.

Dear friend Albert in Amsterdam had mentioned he could use the camera.
So on the last night in the Netherlands this sacred situation arose where the Nikon D 70 and two lenses were adopted and found a new and good home.

The first pictures with the new D 300 were made of the hotel in Los Angeles.
First of the Mexican ladies cleaning the rooms taking an elevator ride.

And later an image of the room, so big that two Paris hotel rooms would fit into it.

Today is a day of meeting friends and buying medication for the Gonzales family.
And a new battery for the MacBook Pro laptop computer giving up on life after 18 months.
But most of all honey for the Mexican honey.


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