Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back at Punta Boca

Returned to the location left exactly 3 months ago.

Reunited with the Mexican Senorita and the Gonzales family.
Who want to know everything that has been happening on the European tour and on the journey to India.

A time of reflection opens now because the rhythm of moving from one country to the next, one hotel room to the other, from friends here to friends there has stopped.
And a more harmonious wave is carrying the life.
Creating space to remember one by one all the important events of the last three months.
To get a feeling what are its significances, its purposes and its meanings.
Or to come to simply accept some of the events without making any effort to understand.

The Gonzales family had cared for the Fuso Szulc.
It was parked next to their house.
Because it was in the full sunshine the two roof vents were left open.
Knowing very well this would allow dust to come in.
And it did.
It took a whole day of work by two people to get the interior of the Fuso Szulc dust free again.

But now the Fuso Szulc is back on location and everything works without a problem.



RonMack said...

Welcome back to Mexico. I have,daily, followed your travels and have enjoyed your trip.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you have made it safely back "home" and that all is well. I have enjoyed reading about your work and time with family and friends over the last three months. Thank you especially for sharing the reports of searching for your grandfather's grave.