Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Total tanning

The last few days on the mainland of Mexico storms have been battering badly torturing it with heavy rainfall.
Baja California is too much under the influence of the Pacific Ocean and cool air coming from the north to get any rainfall this time.
Nevertheless it can be noticed here things are meteorologically not so good to the east.
There is a strong wind from the south and clouds cover the sky.

This is no problem because there is a heavy workload that involves spending many hours behind the computer inside the Fuso Szulc.
If the weather is gorgeous and brilliant outside, how can a sane person be inside?
Irresistibly the urge has to be fulfilled of being in the sun and the fresh air.
But now the cloudy weather is warmly welcomed because it is instrumental in getting a lot of work done.

The second reason why clouds are welcomed is the fact that for three months time was spent in India and Europe out of the sun.
Either because it was too hot, India, or because there was no serious sunshine whatsoever, Europe.
During those three months the deep tan burned into the skin over the first months of the year in Mexico had disappeared.

Paleness has returned that makes sudden exposure to strong sunshine a dangerous venture.
A step-by-step process has to be followed to gradually darken the skin again until the tan is adequate once more to stand being in the sun unlimitedly.

This will take not very long.
Within a week the job is done.
Assisted with some suntan cream.

There are friends who inquire if it is such a good idea to be in the sun so much.
They have a point.
Many days a year are spend in the full and strong sunshine.
Without any protection.
No shirt.
No long pants.
Even no suntan cream.

Is that wise and smart?
No, Sir.

It is stupid !!!
Yes, Madam.

Already on the arms and hands there are small accumulations of death skin cells forming small mountains that sometimes itch.

But a life in the sun while covered with protective clothing and heavily creamed where exposed is not acceptable.
It is against the strong force of this wild animal living inside.
That makes this person fatalistic.
Saying to better live as loved and die early.
Compared to living long in bonds.


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Anonymous said...

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