Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Piss is one of the seven words

It is a very strange feeling to write the daily posting of this blog without knowing if it actually will appear on the fervent and loyal blog reader’s computer screen.
This because the title contains one of the seven words that are not allowed to be published in the USA.

The American fervent and loyal readers of this blog must not think though that once more they are staged here as an ultra conservative and non permissive society.
It is possible for example to buy the book “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle) by Adolf Hitler in American bookshops.
No problem.
While this Adolf Hitler book is banned in Europe and illegal to sell.

Recently the loyal and fervent blog readers were informed about the company Winnebago.
How they are unable anymore to sell their motor homes in volumes as they used to do.
Having to close one of their factories.
Seeing their profit drop.
The gas price has just become too high.

It was then that the question came to mind why actually in the USA people use these really big motor homes.
Often one can see in the USA a couple travelling in a gigantic RV.
While a couple in Europe will travel in a motor home of a much smaller size.

USA motor home

European motor home

Both are travelling.
Both are living in the motor home.
But one couple is paying now dearly because the gigantic motor home has a 10-cylinder 6.8-litre gasoline engine.
And the other couple enjoys the 4 cylinder 2.5-litre diesel engine consuming a lot less.

One could say that it would be beneficial to have this European motor home available for the American RV’ers.
This is hardly possible though.
And that has everything to do with the value of the Dollar.
A Winnebago motor home costs about 100.000 $.
That is 64.000 €.
A very good and efficient European motor home like a Hymer will cost about 50.000 €.
To this amount comes shipping costs, import taxes and what it costs to modify the motor home according to USA-road standards.
The Winnebago will be cheaper.

Eventually, there will be a break-even point though decided by the lower fuel consumption of the Hymer.

Meanwhile, American made mini-motor homes have become available.
Often build on a European Mercedes chassis with a 5-cylinder diesel engine.
But one like the Gulf Stream Vista will cost over 100.000 $ plus taxes.

Gulf Stream Vista

And diesel is in the USA considerably more expensive than gasoline.
One gallon of gas costs on average in the USA today 4,07 $ while a gallon of diesel costs 4,64 $.

There were the days that a couple would go camping.
With a tent and sleeping bags.
Over the years we upgraded from there to Class A, B and C motor homes.
Maybe we are being confronted now with downgrading times.


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