Friday, May 14, 2010

A dream waking up

This morning an extraordinary event.
The Queen of Dreams had a dream herself!

First the facts.
Two months ago she had her birthday.
Of course she got many kisses and presents.
One was a very special present.
It was a self-made necklace from small but beautiful shells found on the Mexican beach.
Made with all the love in the world.

On the morning of her birthday, she was guided to the beach to watch the sun rise from the Sea of Cortez.
Once the sun was there she was warmly embraced and kissed and congratulated with her birthday.
Then the present, the self made necklace, was given to her.

She unwrapped the simple paper and was very much delighted by the present.
Immediately she asked if it was self made.
With love, was the answer.

As of the birthday a remarkable phenomenon has been manifesting itself.
It is that this necklace has never been seen anymore.
One would think, maybe rather naïve or innocent, that such a symbolic present would be that much appreciated that on occasion it would be used as jewelry.
Wearing the necklace when going out for dinner example.
Or even at home after the evening shower.
To show how happy the necklace makes for all it represents.

But over the last two months the necklace never was put on.
And this was observed.
It was realized that the necklace remained in a box.

What must someone think of this?
The generous giver that is.
Has the necklace been accepted but maybe secretly not appreciated?
Did it not resemble enough Cartier's or DeBeer's jewelry?

A difficult situation because on the other hand one cannot ask questions like why the necklace is not put on sometimes.
As of then it is not by the own choice anymore but satisfying the expectation of the giver.

For two months no remarks were made about the birthday present.
No questions were asked.
It was carried as a deep secret kept in a vault.

And then there was this morning.
The dream the Queen of Dreams had.
It was a dream about the necklace.
In this dream she came to realize that never she had been wearing the necklace.
A realization that had never occurred in the consciousness.
But that had penetrated now through the voice of the subconsciousness.

Maybe now we soon will see the glorious day the Queen of Dreams parading with the most beautiful necklace on the most beautiful woman in the world.


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Dawn Pier said...

I don't understand why it wasn't put on IMMEDIATELY after receiving it. I would say very ungracious indeed and not very beautiful.