Monday, May 17, 2010


His name is Coocho.

He is the puppy dog of Juaquin, the guardsman of the resort under construction not far from the Fuso Szulc.

Juaquin had been passing by last week to inform he was going to La Paz to see a doctor.
He has three dogs: two large ones and this puppy Coocho.
The crew of the Fuso Szulc was requested to feed his dogs every day.

But yesterday the two adult dogs decided to go for a stroll.
And Coocho, with his short legs, ran after them.
The trio first came to see the Fuso Szulc.
But not finding anything interesting (food, food, food) they moved on.
Into the direction of La Ballena where guardsman Leonardo lives with some dogs.

That is a 20 minutes walk and Coocho, having done that before, decided to let the two big dogs go and to stay himself with the Fuso Szulc.
To avoid getting exhausted again.

Puppies are specialists in breaking harts.
And Coocho managed expertly to do the very same thing.
He charmed the crew of the Fuso Szulc in giving him water and a comfortable place to sleep.
And this morning he was served 4 oatmeal cookies as breakfast.
While constantly he was showered with hugs and pats.
To hear sweet words spoken in lovely voices.

Later this morning the walk will be made to the location where Juaquin lives in his Terry trailer that is also the home of the dogs.
Included Coocho.
How hard it will be on everybody's heart, Coocho must go back to where he comes from.
Because if he gets pampered and spoiled living with dog friendly people, one day soon they leave and he will be in deep trouble.
Back to the rough life of being a Mexican dog and then he will cry day and night for a long time.
Missing his warm friends.

Therefore: Coocho, for your own sake:




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