Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fuso Santek 17

The Fuso Santek came out of the building where it has been inside for several weeks.
This is because this expedition vehicle is almost ready.

Paul Westphal, the owner and general-manager of Santek Trailers, to the left, admires what his team of skilled workers accomplished.
One of the workers checks the list of tasks still to be done.

A very important moment.
The Tempur Pedic mattress is carried to the Fuso Santek to be put inside.

Today, everything which was inside the beautiful Lazy Daze, was taken out.
The Lazy Daze has found a new owner and he and his family are coming tomorrow to take it home.

This evening were the first hours spend living in the new Fuso Santek.
As from now the Fuso Santek is the centre of the Nomad life.
The place to live in and the mean of transportation.


whatroad said...

How about a picture of the whole vehicle front, back and side.

Great project you have going there!

TiogaRV said...

I wish you the most wonderful journey of your life in your new camper home!

Luvglass said...

Congratulations it looks great.
Where are you off to for your first trip?

Ted said...

What a neat vehicle, would you share
something with us in terms of what was the total cost was.

Robert Hill said...

I can't wait for the finished photo's of the whole vehicle! Thank you so much for sharing the whole build with us. I hope your blog continues to show images of the Santek on all of your travels, it really means alot to so many of us who dream of building our own soon, Thanks, Robert Hill