Sunday, March 4, 2007


Fervent and loyal blog readers will remember how last week a blond woman in San Clemente, encountered in the street, wanted to hold hands.

Returned to San Clemente, for more weekend experiences, today, almost at the same place, two men and a woman were met.
They were dressed in white clothes.
Like robes.
The men had long beards and the woman a yellow flower in her hair.
Although looking biblically they were arguing.
Talking bad about some other person.

“Good morning to all of you”.
“Good morning”.
“I see you are all dressed in white robes. Please tell me why”.
“We are following the Lord. And do as is described in the Books.”
“In the Books you are told to wear white clothes?”
“Exactly, that is why we wear white robes”
“In the Middle East most people wear white clothes. Muslims also. You know why?”
“Mmmm. No, but we do it because it is in the Books”
“You belong to a Church or to a specific organisation maybe?”
“No, the body is the Church. Like you: inside your body is the Church”
“In my body is the Church? Why is it that what you believe applies to other people also?”
“Yes, in everybody is the Church: that is in the Books”.
“I see. Well, I wish you all a very good day”.
“Thank you”.
“And very good lives too”.
“God bless you. God bless you. God bless you.”

Some hours later on the beach….
A group of boys were digging holes in the sand.
A funny and absurd situation.
Without disturbing them or having their faces in the image, pictures were made.

Soon a man nervously approached the sincere photographer.
Holding the book he was reading up in the air to block the view of the boys.

“It is not allowed to make pictures here”.
“Why not?”
“They are boy-scouts”.
“Yes, so?”
“Their parents wouldn’t like their sons to be photographed”.
“Why not?”
“ It is nothing personal. Understand me well. But you know, these days. It might have sexual implications”.
“Boy-scouts on the beach fully dressed digging holes in the sand have sexual implications. What kind of perverse thinking is that?”
“Yes, it is ridiculous, I know and it is nothing personal but don’t make pictures. I would appreciate your collaboration.”
“You are aware that you are suggesting that potentially I as a photographer am serving the paedophile market? That is a pretty serious thing to suggest. I could sue you for that”.
“ No, no, it is nothing personal. Don’t take it personal. In this country, you know, things have gone bad. This is how it has become in this country. I apologise but please don’t make any pictures.”
“No problem”.
“I appreciate that”.
“Have a nice day”.

Was it a metaphorical sign, in the light of the two former experiences, to find on the San Clemente beach also this today?

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Anonymous said...

I have no doubt at all that The Boy Scouts would think anyone wielding a camera could be a potential pedophile. The boy Scouts think that gay men are pedophiles. It is part of the culture of fear made by our current administration that keeps us in a constant negative state to make us maleable in accepting their laws to control our populace. It is a sad time in the USA made worse by forcing us to fear our neighbors and other countries and making us all experience a continuing state of anxiety.