Sunday, March 25, 2007

Scratching noises at your backdoor.

You are at home.
It is evening.
Quiet and relaxed.
It has been a busy day.
You relax after a good meal and now you read a magazine before to go to sleep.
Suddenly, you hear a noise.
An unusual noise.
It’s coming from the garden behind your house.
It is like a cat is scratching at the backdoor.
You feel alarmed.
A cat?
Or maybe someone is trying to enter your house?
You are home alone.
You get up and you go to the backdoor.
A little nervous.
The noise of the scratching continues.
It can’t be a cat.
It is too consistent.
You switch on the outside light.
Nobody to see in the garden or in front of the backdoor.
You gather all your courage and open the door.
Someone is standing there.
Or more precisely, something.
It is…
You don’t know what it is.
It is not a man.
It is not a woman.
It is not a child.
It is a kind of creature you have never seen before.
It glows and radiates light and moves constantly like a wave in the ocean.
You are shocked.
Instantly you realize this is not a human being.
Nothing from this Earth.
What to do?
How to communicate?
Invite the creature into your house?
Offer a drink?
You are nervous, insecure, scared and afraid.
You feel even threatened.
Can it kill?
Is it poisonous?
In a panic and by impulse you quickly close and lock the door.
Immediately you grab the phone and you call 911.
You report what happened.
The next day somebody calls you.
He is from some office of the Government.
He wants to know in detail what happened the night before.
And next, you never hear anything about your experience anymore.

In August 1967, two children outside a village in central France reported having seen four small black beings fly from the ground and slip headfirst into a sphere that shot skyward in a flash of light and a smell of sulphur.
They reported this to the authorities.

All Western countries keep files of reports from their inhabitants when having witnessed presence of extra terrestrial visitors.
And the authorities of all those Western countries keep those files secret.
The USA Government for example considers their UFO records classified matters of national security.
We are not allowed to know what is in those files.
What has been reported.
What people have experienced with extra terrestrials.

However, last week, the National Centre for Space Studies in France has made public over 1.600 UFO case files spanning the second half of last century.
10.000 pages of a website showing testimony, photographs, film, video and audio.
The story of the two children comes from that website.

After the National Centre for Space Studies in France opened their website, within 3 hours the agency’s server crashed due to the overwhelming interest.
At least, that is what they say.
And still, when visiting their website, this message appears:
Failure To Connect To Web Server

We may wonder what is going on.
You hear that scratching at your door?


To visit the website of the National Centre for Space Studies, click on:

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Anonymous said...

Your link, an interesting website...a good thing that they are open to publish their research. Hope to be able to read more in the near future when they correct their database failure. Coincidentally. we were looking in that subject, this weekend. RVing, watching the remote area not polluted by light...