Monday, March 12, 2007

Fuso Santek 11

The roof of the new Fuso Santek is a large sheet of aluminum.

It has been put on top of the Fuso Santek now.

Openings were made where the roof vents will be mounted later.

The sides of the aluminum sheet are bended down covering the side panels. Next a lining is mounted on the downwards sides of the aluminum.

The backside of the Fuso Santek is getting a panel of a metal called "Diamond". This is because this metal has a structure pressed into the material. It is put on the back as an extra protection. Later the spare tire will be mounted there.

Underneath two hard working Santek employees are busy installing the two shock absorbers next to the pivotal system linking the camper box to the chassis.

Next steps this week are putting in the ceiling, the fridge, the cabinets, installing the furnace and the kitchen equipment.


Ted said...


Would you share with us something about the cost's on this type project.


Anonymous said...

I like the ghostly image of the photographer, reflected in the diamond plate as it's mounted to the back of the camper. The finished product is coming into focus very quickly!

Chip Haven