Friday, March 30, 2007

Fuso Santek 18

Yesterday was a special day in the history of having a Lazy Daze motor home.
The happy new owner passed by to receive the Title and the keys.
The Lazy Daze will stay inside the buildings of Santek Trailers until after one month the new owner is able to drive it to his own location.
It is therefore a goodbye to the Lazy Daze while she is still very much present.
It might be interesting to dedicate an entire posting to the experiences of purchasing, owning and selling a Lazy Daze.
Fervent and loyal blogreaders are invited to express possible enthusiasm for this idea to motivate for writing this posting.

Today is a special day in the history of the process of building of the FUSO SANTEK expedition vehicle by Santek Trailers in Riverside, California, USA.
The fact is: she is ready.
After 10 weeks of hard and skilled work, she is ready to go.
There are some minor little details for this morning, but this afternoon the content owner of the FUSO SANTEK is throwing a party for the 15 persons Santek Trailers crew.

Later today, when the light is favourable, pictures of the glorious FUSO SANTEK in her final stage will be made and published on this blog.
Also pictures of the party.

Fervent and loyal blogreaders are invited to return later today to see all those images.


Robert Hill said...

THANKS, Robert

Anonymous said...

Yes, Michel, please show and tell us ALL about the Lazy Daze. I followed the remodeling job on the Lazy Daze in Santa Rosalia through Tioga George's blog. I am interested in how you happened to decide to purchase her and then, such a short time later, have the Fuso Santek made. Of course, the Fuso Santek is the perfect vehicle/home for you. That part I truly understand. All of it seems terribly expensive.

I have so enjoyed following the progress of the building of the Fuso Santek. I have studied each posting and picture carefully, with great interest and enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing all this with your fervent and loyal readers.

Enjoy the party this afternoon. I look forward to all the pictures you will post.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to read about the experience, from the purchase of Lazy Daze to its selling. Looking forward to the pictures of Fuso Santek later on. thanks

Anonymous said...

Watching to Fuso Santec evolve has been very interesting and fun. I admire the finished product.
I find the Fuso Santec to be a compact, organized, well-planned and functional space for living and working. The utilization of window light in the work area gives a presence of space and air that can be sensed even in looking at the photographs. I very much like the clean, simple light colored wood tones. The choices of hardware and fixtures are complimentary to the overall style. Space has been used well, it is apparent that abundant storage has been created. This is a home on wheels that promises comfort!
Congradulations to you for your new vehicle and to the crew who built it. Thank you for sharing this unique experience of creation.