Monday, March 5, 2007

Magic again on El Camino Real

The name of the street in San Clemente, Ca, USA, is “El Camino Real”.

This is the street where the blonde woman wanted to hold hands and where the three white robed persons were met.
It is the stretch that is magical between a small supermarket called “El Camino Market” and another small supermarket by the name of “Dads Liquor” .

Yesterday a park ranger directed to “El Camino Market”, because in the San Clemente State Beach Park is no public phone.
In front of the “El Camino Market” there is one.
To make a phone call had become an urgency because first cousin Jerzyk in Nowy Sadz, Poland, has suffered a serious heart attack.

For this purpose a calling card of the company Sprint was purchased.
On the card it was indicated that phone calls abroad, more specifically to European countries, would not cost more than 5 c. a minute.
But in reality, when calling, the price was 40 c. a minute.
Sprint has lost its credibility and no more of their calling cards will be purchased.

The public phone in front of "El Camino Market" was out of order.
"Dads liquor", at the other end of the magical stretch, was having one operational.

Walking on “El Camino Real”, it was realized what interesting events had been experienced here.
Wondering what would happen this time.
Who would be met?
But the structure of reality is not programmed in this way.
Surprising things can only happen when not expecting it.
Once one is expecting, nothing out of the ordinary can happen.
Nothing happening on El Camino Real.
It is quiet.
Once unaware and thinking of other things, it might strike and become magical again.

The phone call was dramatic and in this situation, to be far away, is frustrating.
One wants to be close and of permanent support.
If the situation requires it, immediately a plane will be boarded to travel to Poland.

Walking back to the San Clemente State Beach Park the thoughts were with cousin Jerzyk and the other members of the family.
Then something very peculiar was noticed on “El Camino Real”.
Someone living there had put books in plastic bags and placed them in front of the house.

Why would someone do that ?
Walking on, it turned out that the neighbours had been doing exactly the same !

It must have been a coordinated activity of those people living on El Camino Real, because most had been putting a book in a plastic bag and placed it in front of their house.

What a fascinating road this El Camino Real is.
When walking there and thinking of things, things make thinking.

Several comments and e-mails were received on the subject of children lacking the love of parents.
The announced posting on this subject, about what a person having lacked parental love should do, is postponed to offer more fervent and loyal blog readers an opportunity to present their thoughts.


Fred Wishnie said...

Hi Michel,
Are you sure the plastic bags aren't newspapers being delivered to the homes? This is common in the US.

Really enjoying your perspective on life and read your blog every day.


Anonymous said...

Your posts make me want to visit this place and see for myself all the unusual activities. Could the full moon and lunar eclipse have something to do with all this weirdness?

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. I hope your cousin has a quick recovery.

DWF, a fervet and very loyal reader

It is an interesting thought I just had. Writing a blog as you do might help one notice happenings of significance which can set each day apart from others. I had a scary realizatiion yesterday when I couldn't remember a thing about what I had done the Sunday before. Maybe I should keep a journal. I don't think anyone else would want to read it though.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing magic about El Camino Real. Here in So-Cal the newspapers or magazines are wrapped in plastic when rain is expected and thrown from a truck early in the morning in front of residential homes.

obispo said...

Michel, How we enjoyed the plastic bags! On the question of children you stirred me deeply and I posed the question in my blog for tomorrow with a link to yours because this is truly a worthy subject!