Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bush is a lion

Being in Riverside, California, with Santek Trailers collaborating in the process of building the Fuso Santek expedition vehicle is an extraordinary experience.

In the first place because of the people working at Santek Trailers.
Very friendly, warm and open.
That by itself makes it already a unique event.
Secondly, more and more it is becoming clear what an extraordinary vehicle Santek Trailers is building.

When the work stops for the weekend as soon as possible an escape is made because the air quality in Riverside is very, very bad.
Now that the temperatures during the day are towards 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius), the smog is punishing.
It can be noticed because eyes get irritated, throat hurts, nose starts running and breathing is more difficult.

Another reason to escape is the fact that next to Santek Trailers is the Riverside Animal Shelter.
Here animals are brought who got lost.
Dogs are kept outside in cages and these poor animals are feeling terrible and lonely. Therefore they bark and whine and cry breaking all hearts in the vicinity.
They are so desperate and stressed.
It makes one feels to go over there and adopt the dog instantly.
But overtime one has learned that each dog is desperate in its own way.
They all cry differently.
But it is not very entertaining to obtain this knowledge.

This weekend is a return to Lytle Creek up in the Cucamonga Mountains.
However, the wind is from the South and blows the smog right into the canyons.
Air quality in Lytle Creek is not good this time.

Nevertheless, yesterday, a long walk and as is the pattern with magic, two remarkable things to observe were presented by the Masters of the Universe.

Along the Lytle Creek Road, this traffic sign with a sticker applied was observed:

A very puzzling sticker.
What means “Bush is a li”?
Li is a Chinese unit for distance, 0,4 miles (0,6 kilometre), or it represents the abbreviation of Long Island or the symbol for lithium.
We know for sure that President Bush mountainbikes more than 0,4 miles, that he is from Houston and not made out of lithium.
So, this “li” makes no sense.
It might be though that this sticker has been vandalised.
That this “li” are the first two letters of a longer word.
What could that word be?
“Bush is a literate?”
“Bush is a linchpin?”
“Bush is a likable?”
“Bush is a lightsome?”
“Bush is a libertarian?”
When we seriously contemplate the only conclusion can be that the original sticker before being vandalised must have said:
“Bush is a lion”.
Because he is vigorously and bravely fighting terrorism in the world and protecting us from the villains.

Some hours later, higher up in the mountains, a letter was found under a stone.

Another puzzling message.
The second one.
The text in this letter is “Jeg Eskle de”.
Now, what does that mean?

Looking at the shape of the design, a colourful heart, we may suppose it is some sort of a confession.
Someone in love and putting that in a drawing.
And in a rather talented and skilful way.
Imagine putting all those colourful points.
That takes hours.

Maybe “Jeg Eskle de” means “I love you”?
But what language is that?
On Internet translation machines can be found to which this text has been introduced.
But results show that “Jeg Eskle de” is not Norwegian, nor Serbian nor Rumanian.
No language can be found in which “Jeg Eskle de” has a meaning.

There is another remarkable aspect to finding during one walk two puzzling messages.
“Bush is a li” and “Jeg Eskle de” are both incomprehensible.
But also a negative energy is attached to both.
Somebody was mad because of “Bush is a lion” and decided to vandalise the sticker.
And somebody received a love letter and left it behind in the mountains.


Anonymous said...

Bush is a liar. He is a stubborn liar too. And an ignorant liar. Perhaps a bald faced liar. A dumb assed liar.

Yes! The last one is the right one. Bush is a dumb assed liar.

Anonymous said...

Bush is a light in this dark troubled world. His faith in Jesus Christ makes his face light up with a joy that surpasses the many troubles he faces as he puts his trust in the Lord. I thank God for President Bush and pray that God provides another like him to take his place in 2008. May God bless President Bush and the USA!

Anonymous said...

Bush is a demon. He has worked to destroy the U.S.A. No longer are Americans seen as saviors when we come to a far away shore. Our economy is in ruins, the dollar falling in value. He has tortured, lied, and created wars based upon false testimony. A true demon.