Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fuso Santek 16

Yesterday Mark A. Rolland came to see the Fuso Santek expedition vehicle in Riverside, California, USA.
He is one of the many visitors who have been coming to see the building going on at Santek Trailers.
Mr. Rolland is Associate Editor of the magazine "Sand Sports".
He came to make a reportage about the Fuso Santek and in one of the coming issues of "Sand Sports" we will be able to read his story and see his pictures of the Fuso Santek.

Meanwhile the building continues.
Now it is more finishing.
The major work has been done.

The mount for the spare tire has been custom made at Santek Trailers, like many parts of the Fuso Santek.
The hole in the one in the middle is to put a padlock protecting the spare tire from being stolen.

José working on making the plate which hill hold the spare tire in the mounting position.

The final result.

The yellow shock absorbers integrated in the pivotal system are being peinted black.

The two parts of metal sticking out in the middle were originally the place to put the license plate. As this is now on the back of the Fuso Santek, these will be eliminated.

One of the vital persons at Santek Trailers, Gail Harris, has been picking up the nosecone for the Fuso Santek.

It is being mounted for which several persons are needed. This nose cone will reduce fuel consumption with 5 %.

Today is exceptional because everything in the Lazy Daze motorhome will be moved next to the Fuso Santek awaiting final completion.
And this coming night will be spend in the Fuso Santek.


Anonymous said...

So much EXCITEMENT! Congratulations. Hope to see pictures of your things set up in the Fuso Santek.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks wonderful. Enjoy your move into your new home. : >)