Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We are good but bad as well.

One of the great things of having a blog is that it has fervent and loyal readers put comments.
But even more fantastic is to receive e-mail messages from fervent, loyal and concerned readers.
They choose to communicate in a more private setting and they enjoy the privilege to receive always a reply.
Logically, many questions asked in the e-mails concern issues not explained in the postings of the blog.
This hits a fine line that exists between the private life and the life as presented on the blog.

Because it must never be forgotten that there is a difference between the personality created on a blog and who that person is in reality.
The life as explained on the blog and the life as lived in reality.

Recently a fervent and loyal blog reader commented: “You are a good person”.
This is absolutely true.
However, it is true for the person as is presented on the blog.
Because in reality, there is not one person in the world who is good only.

We can be good persons, but we always have other, less good sides also.
There are no angels and saints.
To believe there are angels and saints among us is a dangerous fantasy.
To believe to be an angel or saint oneself is a mind out of control lost in delusions.

It will be an interesting exercise to not only publicly make known what a great person one is, but also explain what bad things one has done.

Public persons who have a most hard time to perform this exercise are politicians.
They have the belief that if they admit wrongdoing, this will influence negatively their reputation and will lower their chances to be voted back in the position they have.

But on a micro level the same phenomenon occurs.
Nobody introduces oneself to a new person explaining also nasty habits.
They are to be discovered later.

This explains why often we are disappointed in others.
We believe in the positive presentation of a person to discover later the negative sides.

This is the nature of the interaction between human beings.
The tendency to wish to present oneself in bright sunshine while keeping the dark clouds out of sight.

Therefore it helps to always keep in mind that there are neither saints nor angels.
To realize each person has two sides and to have the openness to deal with both sides and accept them.

So, this humble servant of all fervent and loyal blog readers is not a saint.
And certainly not an angel.
But neither the devil.


Anonymous said...

But, in your soul you are still of the "Good People". The sensitivity of your soul shows in the pictures you take and the words you write. You can be a little "naughty" and still be "Good People".


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to share your life with us. I enjoy reading about you daily, and boy, that girl Gail sure is cute! P.S. Thank you for the cookie. It was great! LOL