Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tea party

At Santek Trailers in Riverside, California, USA, the crew works on Saturday as well. They work 6 days a week from 6.30 am to 3.30 pm. And having observed the crew for some time, the conclusion is that not only are they very skilled but very, very hard workers as well.
Impressing and inspiring to see them work.

Today they are finishing a huge truck that has been build for a film production company.
To serve as dressing, powder, make-up and bathrooms.
All the hard workers make a great effort for the customer to be able to pick it up today, therefore the FUSO SANTEK project is on hold.

Opportunity to leave the industrial area of Riverside.

Next to the buildings of Santek Trailers is an animal refuge. Lost and abandoned animals end up here. Day and night the desperate barking of dogs can be heard. They feel lost. Sad.
And this gets on the nerves of anyone having to hear this for days and nights at a time.
Also fresh air is needed. The industrial area of Riverside has polluted air.

Because the last time it has been such a pleasant experience, this weekend is spent again at San Clemente State Beach.
A one hour drive from Riverside.
It is a well organised and clean RV and tent-park where it is peaceful and next to the ocean.

Last time some magical things happened on the beaches of San Clemente and fervent and loyal blog readers will certainly remember this.
Far away from each other people had been drawing hearts in the sand with initials that were magically connected.

Yesterday, on the first beach walk, the magic continued.
First, a remarkable situation was observed. A man was intending to parasail but instead of being on the waves, he was just sitting there on the sand.
Obviously, he was stranded.
The wind was strong, the waves were wild and he just couldn’t handle the circumstances anymore.

Some distance from this stranded man, for a seabird the circumstances had been too extreme as well.
Dramatically posed on the sand was the body of a seabird.

Now we may ask ourselves why, when we see those two images, the seabird makes us have pity and the parasailer makes us laugh?
Both stranded: one dramatically, one ridiculously.

Tomorrow, Sunday February 24th, 2007, a major event will take place.
Every fervent and loyal blog reader is invited for a cup of tea around 4.30 pm.
This tea party takes place in the San Clemente State Beach Park in space 130.
For GPS users, the coordinates are 117.6002 W and 33.40294 N.
For driving directions, click on:

There will be a choice of black Lipton tea and Mexican Damiana tea.


Anonymous said...

Although I cannot be there in body I will be at your tea party in spirit. Hope you get a wonderful turnout. I will be having the Damiana tea here on our patio. Pinkies up! T.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite. Is sounds like a lovely thing to do.

I too can't be there in person, as I am on the East Coast and will probably be watching an ice storm unfold. But will have a cup by the wood stove and think of the warm ocean breezes you will be feeling.

Enjoy your weekend.

I hope to see lots of pictures. :>)

Maria VanderVeldt said...

Him Michel
I have been reading your blog for about 2 months and enjoy it very the pictures too.
We cannot come to the tea party we live farther north in California.(about 600 miles)
I will have the tea with my husband of 51 years here at home.
Our name is very Dutch.Came to the U S about 50 years ago.