Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bravo Honda

In Japan a perfect public transportation system is serving the public.
One of its best is the “Shinkansen”.
This is a high-speed train, also known as the “Bullet Train”, serving many cities in Japan.

It goes at a speed of 300 kilometres per hour (186 miles per hour), is very comfortable, luxurious, clean and on time.
The chairs are reclining with miles of leg space and there are large windows.
Nobody is using a mobile phone among other passengers but the persons who wish to talk by mobile phone retreat in suspiciously to the deck where we can also find clean and comfy toilets.
Friendly stewardesses pass by with snacks, drinks, ice-cream and food without being obtrusive and remarkable is that the staff of the train, including the conductors, will not leave the passenger-compartment or they will turn around, face everybody and make a deep bow.

It is a very special experience to travel on the “Bullet Train”.
It is this combination of sophisticated technique, the high-speed train, and the traditional level of hospitality and service.

Today was the voyage on the “Shinkasen” from Tokyo to the city of Hamamatsu. A two hours trip. Very spectacular because it passes by the Mount Fuji. This time of year the Mount Fuji is at its most beautiful. It is snow capped and in clean unpolluted air in bright sunshine.
Looking from the window is like seeing a postcard.

Why to travel to the city of Hamamatsu fervent and loyal blog readers will ask...

In Hamamatsu is the only factory of Honda where they build their outboard motors.
260 each day.
Most of them for export.

The visit was arranged before hand. It is in fact a long procedure to be able to visit a factory in Japan. Without credentials it is impossible.

Today Mr. Saturo Isano, Staff Engineer of Production Engineering, Bussiness Administration Division, Facilities Control Department, and Mr. Kazuhiko Yamagishi, Assistant Manager, Personnel Department, and Mr. Syoji Hakamata, Staff Engineer of Production Engineering, Power Product Plant, Planning & Coordination Department, were all waiting to receive the foreign visitors.
In a meeting room everything was prepared to explain on a projection screen how at this Honda plant part of their energy was produced by hundreds of sophisticated solar panels on the roof of the factory building.
Next, was the actual visit of the roof and the hundreds of solar panels producing the kilowatts powering the plant.
What a beautiful thing. Just panels in an angle towards the sun having a harmonious friendship with the energy the sun is giving us as a generous gift.

Awareness about environment can be found more and more.
Honda, who could make their 260 outboard motors per day without caring for the environment at all, chooses to manufacture them using solar energy and having on purpose the plant in a CO2 friendly environment of trees and plants.

Bravo Honda.

On the way back to Tokyo, with the “Bullet Train” again, it was considered as exciting to use the bathroom. Peeing at a speed of 300 Kilometres (186 miles) per hour.
But American Airways in its Boeing 777 to Tokyo from Los Angeles offered the opportunity to pee at 900 kilometres (560 miles) per hour…

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