Thursday, February 1, 2007

Eyes wide open

All the pictures loyal, fervent and most welcome visitors see on this blog are recently made. Only days old. Most of the time, when going somewhere, a camera is taken along and anything that seems interesting is documented.

For example, last week, when waiting in Ciudad Constitucion, nearby was a park where some activity was taken place. There Carla was met, a gorgeous Senorita, who was washing her horse. She agreed to be photographed and while snapshotting her in her activity this remarkable image was made:We don’t know exactly what Carla is doing there, but it looks it might be a rather delicate part of the horse she is washing. It is this suggestion in the image that makes it interesting and funny. People who were watching how Carla was photographed at that moment started laughing and this we are able to share now.
Shortly after a portrait was made of Carla:

It is a beautiful portrait but it is also funny. Not only for the hair on Carla’s arm and the horse’s nose.

That same week the picture of the child with the puppy was made. A picture recently published on this highly frequented blog.
While waiting outside for Tioga George doing his shopping, the girl was spotted sitting on the pavement with in her arms this puppy.
After a short chat with the girl several pictures were made and all of them were not more than a boring anecdote.
Just a girl with a puppy.
A “so what” picture…
Nothing surprising.
But the picture where we don’t see the face of the girl while warmly embracing the puppy that looks at us in a helpless and lost way, now that is a picture which communicates emotions.
Let’s enjoy it again:

Photography can be so much fun. So interesting. So beautiful. Simply a camera and eyes wide open and so much comes to us.

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