Saturday, February 3, 2007

Sleeping like a baby.

Over 35 years pioneering in photography all over the world is an extraordinary experience.
To go and see fascinating people and most interesting places to make pictures.

Sometimes the circumstances are extremely luxurious, like staying in the hotel “The Breakers” in Palm Beach for the project “A day in the life of America”.
Sometimes the circumstances are extremely primitive like staying with a very poor family in the Brazilian rain forest sleeping on a wooden floor for the project “World of energy”.

All those experiences have had many effects. Learning many things. Becoming experienced in many aspects of life.

But it also has had effects like a long period of post-traumatic stress after working several times in Africa on subjects like HIV/AIDS, drought and landmines.
Another effect is the consequence of carrying heavy photo-bags for years and other hard physical conditions. That consequence is scoliosis. This is the curving of the spine from side to side. Scoliosis results in being limited in physical activities. Like working bending over is not possible. One has to learn what are the possibilities and what are the impossibilities and seriously stick to that regime.
But no matter what, scoliosis gives pain.
Especially at night if the mattress is not of good quality what is often the case in hotels.
Every morning, long before the necessity to sleep has ended, a person with scoliosis will wake up because of pain.
The only way to stop the pain is to get out of bed and start moving around.

On the market are products targeting people with back pain. It is a big market because many people have been working hard eventually getting back problems.
In publicity many claims are made about products and we are made sceptic. We know we cannot believe everything we learn from advertisements.
For people with problems with their backs a product is on the market called Tempur-Pedic. They claim that they are “Changing the way the world sleeps®”.
This product called Tempur-Pedic comes from Sweden where they developed a material, based on NASA technology, which is called Memory Foam. This is a material that lets the sleeper sink into the foam so that every point of the body is supported.Tempur-Pedic is a product that makes true what they claim. It is probably the only mattress on which a person with scoliosis can sleep without waking up because of pain. This is an extraordinary event to experience: to wake up when sleep has ended and not because of pain.

A Tempur-Pedic mattress is not cheap. In the USA prices range from about $ 1500 (Euros 1157) to $ 5000 (Euros 3858).
But it is worthwhile the investment because it pays off every single night.

Of course the FUSO SANTEK expedition vehicle will be equipped with a Tempur-Pedic mattress and pillows.

This blog is not sponsored by Tempur-Pedic.

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