Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fuso Santek 3

Paul Westphal, the owner and general manager of Santek Trailers, the company building the custom Fuso Santek Expedition Vehicle, had a few questions to ask and some pictures to send because while working hard in Japan, the friends of Paul are working hard on the Fuso Santek as well.

First issue were the reading lamps to install at the head of the bed. Paul was thinking of lamps like these:
Some research on the web found these lights:

They are smaller, more integrated and have a triple purpose. Paul is asked to install these lights.

For general lighting Paul's idea was to install halogen lights underneath the overhead cabinets, controlled by dimmers. Also 4 halogen lights above the bed. In the end it has been decided to install only fluorescent lights. From SunRay which are very nice of light and low on use of energy. One above the desk, one above the dinette table, one above the kitchen table and one for general lighting on the ceiling of the corridor.

Paul is also asked to install this:

With this panel levels in the tanks can be monitored, the voltage of the battery, the inside temperature and the water pump and water heater can be controlled.

Now we come to the pictures Paul has been so kind to send and he has authorised publication on this blog.

On the passenger's side we see here the construction of the space which will contain the bathroom. On the left we see the horizontal frame where the bed will be.

Towards the cabin of the truck we see more of the frame of the bed. Underneath will be storage space. To be reached from outside on the left and right by big doors. The space in the middle enters from a door inside the vehicle. In this space, the floor can be opened to have access to the engine of the truck. Very smart idea of Paul Westphal !

The bathroom walls. Here we also see the frames of the boxes which will be attached to the major platform underneath. The position of the diesel tank has been changed. It has been moved forewards to have more space available for storage.

The opening on the passenger's side of the storage area underneath the bed.

The frames for the storage boxes on the driver's side. The batteries of the truck, seen as a small white square on this picture, have also been moved more to the front to gain space. It is here that the 4 RV-batteries will find a place.

The two truck batteries and the frame for the storage boxes.

The storage door on the driver's side.

Bathroom entrance.

Notice the round corners of the camper box.

Opening has been made for the large window in the back.

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Anonymous said...

The Fuso Santek is going to be awesome. How nice to be able to design things just the way you need them to be.

Enjoy Japan. :>)