Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Posting 100

This posting is special.
Well, all postings are special but this is posting number 100.
One hundred times an effort has been made to write an interesting or amusing but always informative story. Quite a challenge and it has been such a good experience, not the least for the many comments of fervent and loyal readers posted and encouraging e-mails sent. Therefore, there is no whisper heard yet of stopping this habit.

It was planned to start a blog for a long time but realizing this only made sense when being consistent over a long period of time, this responsibility and commitment stopped taking the initiative.
The courage and self-confident in the own powers lacked.
It was George Lehrer, better known by his self-created alter ego Tioga George, who had eventually the convincing influence and off the blog went.

Now it has become part of the recurring daily activities. Taking a shower, writing a posting, going to sleep. No big deals. Just a part of the daily routines that are a pleasure to perform.

Today was a meeting with Professor Doctor Takaya Kawabe of the United Nations University in Tokyo.
Mr. Kawabe is the leading Japanese scientist on nuclear fusion and the ITER-project.

What made meeting Mr. Kawabe so interesting was that he is not only a scientist but also a human being. He understands that science is not going to rescue the world because he believes we are creating a fatal future for ourselves.
His optimism comes from believing in our capacity to survive as we did in the past. The dinosaurs are not in existence anymore but we are.
This means it is all in our minds.
Our mental state, our spirituality decides eventually if we are to survive as a species or will evaporate in our self-created stupidity.
This thought is so interesting because our survival as a species is in fact in our own hands here and now.
What we decide now, on a macro level but on a micro level as well, is of utmost importance whether our children and their offspring have a future or not.
This process of making decisions about how we live now relates completely to our level of consciousness and our ability to take responsibility for what we know and realise this very moment.
Without opportunism. Without short time planning. Without guarding temporary advantages.
If we manage to think in an objective way and if we manage to live according to the conclusions that bring us, the future will look upon us favourably.
If we continue our dead end street foolishness, no one in the future will have the opportunity to look back on us.

100 postings on this blog. But only one earth to live on.


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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS on number 100!!!
I've read them all. Enjoy your musings and photos (especially the girl and puppy-was it Ana Karin?)
You are one of "The Good People" of the world.
Stay Safe and Happy!


Anonymous said...

Outstanding posts! I look forward each day to read your thoughts.