Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yuriya from Information

“My name is Yuriya Satou and I am from information.
What you wish to know, I can give you politely the right answers.

Yes, we are in Japan here. More particularly, in Tokyo. More precisely, in Aqua City. No, this is not a swimming pool but a shopping centre with many shops but also restaurants and you will be able to get massages here as well.

You like my uniform, you say? Thank you so much. But you don’t like what I wear underneath the uniform? What is showing of that? I am so sorry. Small mistake. Won’t happen again.

People ask me here many things. But nothing personal of course. Only things like where is a particular shop in Aqua City. In fact not many people ask me questions. I am happy you come by. Most of the time I am just standing here. Being available.

If I have a boyfriend? Hiruyuki is the son of my neighbours and I fancy him. But he is into work, work, and work. He seems not to notice me at all. So sorry. On my futon I dream of Hiruyuki so often and that he takes me in a violent way but then I hear my Father go to his futon and I quickly change my fantasies.

So sorry, but what exactly do you mean? Of course I know that nowadays there is a war going on somewhere far away. I remember our Japanese soldiers were involved for a short time but now they are all safely home with us, I believe.

I think this is not possible. Not allowed. To meet later after I finish."

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps I missed it in an earlier blog, but what is your purpose for the Japan visit?

Since I learned of your blog from Tioga Gearge, I have enjoyed following your adventures and musings. Thanks. Mike