Monday, February 5, 2007

The "Double Bubble"

Many scientists and enlightened persons have come to know that we actually live in a “Double Bubble”.
What does this mean: living in a ”Double Bubble”?
It means that the reality we believe we live in has not 3 dimensions.
It has 4 dimensions.
In other words, the reality we experience has a parallel reality most of us are not aware of.

First of all we must understand that it is a wisdom and knowledge, almost as old as humankind, which is saying that everything is connected.
We are not islands.
We are not individuals independent of anything else.
The truth is we are interconnected with each other.
We share a collective consciousness.
But we are also interconnected with the animals.
And with nature.
And even with the galaxy and the universe.
We are all together in one big continuous vibration of energy.
But our perception is limited because we do not realise we are in the “Double Bubble”.
We are unable to see beyond the first bubble.

In Seattle is the Discovery Institute that has clearly demonstrated the flaws existing in the evolutionary theory, as we like to believe in. Read for example their 1998 “Wedge Document”.
Which could also have been called “The Double Bubble Document”.

This is all a rather complex issue and one blog would be far too limited to explain everything in detail.
But an effort will be made to explain it with images.

The 4th dimension that runs parallel with our reality is not perfect.
An alert observer can see the flaws sometimes occurring.
Probably several alert and fervent blog readers have had these experiences themselves as well. To witness an incredible coincidence. An unexplainable, almost magical coming together of unexpected, almost impossible, events.
Professor Phillip E. Johnson from UC Berkeley sees in these phenomenons happening to us the intelligent design of the universe and life itself.
Saying, in other words, that nobody is perfect, even not the Creator.

As a first example of proof of the “Double Bubble” we propose an image of a dog driving his car as spotted in San Clemente, USA on January 14, 2007 at 11.42 am.

Exactly 20 days later, on February 3, 2007 at precisely 03.43 pm this dog was photographed in her living room:

This is clearly a demonstration of the 4th dimension and the flaws in the matching of the different realities they contain. It is exactly like in Genesis: in one chapter it is explained that man and woman were created simultaneously and in another chapter Genesis claims that Eve was made sometime later from Adam’s rib.

A second shocking example happened today within a time span of less than 10 minutes!
The first image shows a hart some idolater had been drawing in the sand of the beach of San Clemente, CA, USA not far from the famous Fisherman’s Restaurant on the pier. The initials in this hart are S and N. This image was made on February 4, 2007 at 04.40 pm.
Exactly 8 minutes later, on the very same day, towards the San Clemente Nuclear Power Plant, this image was made. A hart as well! Another idolater had struck. The initials in this hart are M and R.

A very clear example of the presence of the fourth dimension because it is such a complex of coincidences that it cannot be a matter of chance. Like the honeycomb made by bees can never be a virtue of these busy animals acquired as an outcome of evolution. Somebody must have instructed them how to do it !
The alert and fervent blog reader will have noticed particularly the incredible flaw in reality seeing the initials. In one hart S and N, in the other M and R. When we check the alphabet we discover that these letters are in a magical pattern. They are paired as close as can be in the alphabet. N follows M and S follows R. What proof of the “Double Bubble” do we need more?

The last example for today shows a scene as witnessed, from a safe distance, of a boy shooting a girl in Ciudad Constitucion, Mexico, on January 21, 2007 at 02.02 pm.
On February 3, 2007, at the San Clemente State Beach Park at 04.35 h pm, again from a safe distance, this boy was spotted shooting back.

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