Monday, February 26, 2007

Fuso Santek 6

Building the FUSO SANTEK expedition vehicle is going ahead full speed.
Today work was done on the connecting system of the camper box to the chassis.
This will be with U-clamps and rubber parts.
The holders and upper rubber parts were installed today.

When the other side is ready also, a forklift truck will take the whole camper box off the FUSO SANTEK expedition vehicle.
This to enable to mount underneath the fresh water tanks.

Meanwhile the refrigerator has arrived and has been put in front of the FUSO SANTEK expedition vehicle.
Waiting until the camper box will be back on the truck.
Probably this fridge can only enter through a window opening.
It is a Dometic 8 cubic feet two-way refrigerator. Operating on propane and 120 volt.

What also have arrived, all the way from Europe, are the two roof vents.

Enormous windows of clear acrylic with build in curtain and bug screen.
These windows can open in different positions and are designed to be open even when driving up to 100 kilometres per hour.
Which happens to be the maximum speed of the FUSO SANTEK expedition vehicle.
These windows, made in Germany and called Seitz Heki 2, are not available in the USA and have been flown in especially for the FUSO SANTEK expedition vehicle.
Responsible for this great job was brother in law Jacques Kalle.

Meanwhile the Tempur-Medic mattress is waiting:

Another item purchased is an atomic clock.

At Fry’s, the electronic store, these clocks are very reasonably priced while serving greatly and being sophisticated.
The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology-Time and Frequency Division) has an atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. This clock is hooked up to a radio transmitter in Fort Collins, Colorado and transmits the exact time.
The clock is basically a radio receiver and able to show the received radio signal as the time and the phase of the moon.
Clock made by La Crosse Technology.

Also at Fry’s a radio and cd player for the FUSO SANTEK expedition vehicle was purchased.

The Mitsubishi Fuso FG came without a spare tire, no tools for changing tires and no radio.
Beforehand research was done on the Internet to find adequate car audio equipment but concerning car audio it is a jungle out there.
In the end it was decided to go for the car radio with the biggest and brightest screen, besides the option of having a front Aux input to be able to plug in directly with a cable the XM Satellite Radio-receiver.

Step by step the FUSO SANTEK expedition vehicle is coming together.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful progress!!! I love the green color of the Fuso, by the way. Very striking appearance. I am learning as you and the Sentek team are building. It is great to see people put so much craft in their workmanship. Congratulations on a your fortune to have such conscientious workers.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to get rid of your old camper or are you going to have two them?
The new one looks heavy duty and off road ready.