Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Timing results in nothingness.

“Timing is everything”

This is a slogan used in radio commercials for a product called Soft Tabs.
It is meant for men who have problems with the natural erection process.
Soft Tabs come in the flavours Mint, Lemon, Strawberry and Banana and are to be placed under the tongue.
The effect of a Soft Tab can be noticed within 15 minutes.

This is where the slogan “Timing is everything” comes in.
A man who takes ordinary Viagra will see its effects in 60 to 90 minutes.
This has according to the producers of Soft Tabs major disadvantages.

Kurt, you look so handsome today! So strong and attractive!!

Well, thank you, Jenny, you are not looking too bad today either.

Kurtie, mmmmm, I am getting this warm feeling. I feel so close to you.

Close to me? Ain’t that nice, Jenny.

Kurt, my cutie, how about moving to the bedroom?


Yes, darling, right now. You and me!!

Uhm, well, let’s see, now eh?

Come on, Kurt, let’s hit it as we used to do!!!

Ok, ok. Let me grab my Viagra. Can you wait an hour and a half?

Of course Jenny cannot wait one hour and a half.
By that time the neighbour has been ringing the door to pay a visit or an episode of a soap opera has started on TV or the dog needs a walk.

Now imagine Kurt has Soft Tabs available.
He doesn’t even need to let Jenny know.
While pretending to cough, he can slip a Soft Tab in his mouth.
She will say when kissing: "You taste like banana today".
And if Kurt is smart he makes the journey from the living room to the bedroom in not less than 15 minutes.

“Timing is everything”.
Time brought under control.
But Viagra and the like are not magic.
It won’t work on a full stomach.
That stops it from sufficiently entering the blood stream.
And the man must be in the mood.
His mind must be focused on the performance to make and the activities to enjoy.
On top of that, for Viagra to work, after taking a dose, the man needs stimulation.

In fact this whole Viagra business is the best for the woman.
She can enjoy the effects to her benefit and have an orgasm.
But not the man.
Viagra only makes him have an erection but not an orgasm.
The pleasure for the man is limited to seeing the woman having her orgasm.

Viagra, Cialis and the like, they are a sad thing.
Another demonstration how human beings are not able to accept the natural ways of life.
Instead of looking and finding balance with the facts of reality, escapes are invented.
Making it impossible to find a fundamental truth.
“Timing is everything” is not true.
Timing means trying to control how things go in life.
That is the diametrical opposite what life is about.
To let life go as a river flowing freely.
Not to re-build it into a canal.

The fundamental truth is:

“Timing results in nothingness”.


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