Saturday, October 6, 2007

Update report 281/FS/10/07

Time for an update on the state of being of the Fuso Szulc expedition vehicle.

In general the conclusion is that the Fuso Szulc serves its purpose very well.
It’s comfortable and efficient to live in.
It drives smoothly and its 4x4 capabilities are impressive.

Concerning the minor issues reported on before, the different situations are as follows:

The connection of the camper box to the chassis.
During the last visit to La Paz, Chaim, the mechanic, loosened the U-bolts, lifted up the camper box and put rubber in between.
The whole problem of the metal of the camper box scraping on the chassis has now been solved.
In fact it is a very simple procedure because it can be done lifting up one side of the camper box at a time.
As rubber was used the sidewall of an old tire.
Two pieces on top of each other.
The Fuso Szulc drives now more smoothly than ever.

The problem with the water pump in combination with the Seelevel Tank Monitor.
The water pump operates now on a direct power line circumventing the Seelevel Tank Monitor.
It is a temporary solution.
Garnet Industries Ltd, the producers of the Seelevel Tank Monitors, has shipped a new panel together with a relay.
UPS was asked to transport this small parcel from Granbury, Texas, to La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.
UPS picked it up on September 20 and, after 16 days, it has still not been delivered.
The parcel was transported to many different destinations in the USA and Mexico for inexplicable reasons and is now for 3 days in limbo in Louisville, Kentucky.

A similar story is going on with the National Sportster Deluxe Truck Seats that were purchased and installed in the Fuso Szulc driving cabin.
Very expensive seats but with air suspension for having a smoother ride.

Bought from a company called “Industrial seats”, soon the seats turned out to be very noisy.
Strong squeaking sounds coming from them making a peaceful and quiet ride impossible.
The company “Industrial Seats” was contacted after everything had been tried to stop the squeaking sounds.
Lubricating the frame, tightening the nuts and bolts, spraying WD40 everywhere possible.
“Industrial Seats” referred eventually to the company who makes these seats.
“National Seating”, a department of the Commercial Vehicle Group.
Many months later, and after many e-mails and many phone calls, nothing has been happening.
The reality is that both companies are not taking good service seriously.
It is becoming a matter now of hiring a consumer lawyer and have him handle the case.
Because the reality is that each time when the Fuso Szulc is on the road, the seat is making so much noise that it is even stronger than the sound of the radio.

A company that takes service to the customers very serious is Fantastic Fan.
For the second time the power controller broke down and after informing Fantastic Fan they immediately promised to send for free this new part.

A new issue has become the flush of the Dometic Sealand toilet.
A pedal next to the bowl can either be lifted or lowered after which a generous amount of water washes the bowl.
A hand shower connected to the Dometic Sealand toilet is available for washing and spraying the bowl with water under higher pressure.
For some reason no more water comes into the bowl.
This might be the switch inside the mechanism of the toilet bowl controlling the flow of the water.
Soon attention will be given to this problem to see if it can be repaired here in the boondocks.

It may sound that there are many issues with the Fuso Szulc.
This is a wrong impression.
One must always remember the many things that are working well and without a problem.


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