Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scary monsters visiting.

In 1962 the British director Alfred Hitchcock made a film called “The Birds”.
Based on a story written by Daphne du Maurier it tells how a couple and their child go to a rather abandoned holiday house when they start to notice that the birds are showing unusual behaviour.
Eventually these birds even start to attack them and they have to barricade themselves inside the house.

At the time, in 1963, when the film was released, seeing it at the age of 14, this film was most impressive and scared the hell out of the innocent and virginal young boy.
Not too long ago this film was seen again and because of time and experience it had changed from a scaring thriller to a hilarious comedy.
This because of the poor and simple special effects.
At the time it was believed what was seen but these days only the clumsiness of the way to make believe is enjoyed.

This film “The Birds” came to mind because recently, when spending the evening in the Fuso Szulc, it is being attacked by hundreds and thousands of insects.
This might have to do with the hurricane of last September that dropped huge amounts of rain on the land.
This resulted in a nature coming to life as never before.
It is green.
There are flowers.
And consequently this boosts the insect population.

During the day it is not specifically noticeable.
There are flies, bees and wasps but not too much.
But at night, when the lamp is on in the Fuso Szulc, the insects that are operating after dark, are attracted by the light.

They have a desperate urge to want to try to get as close to the light as possible.
The Fuso Szulc is equipped with the largest windows on the market and hence relatively lots of light shines into the dark offering insects large windows of opportunity to exercise their hobby.
Aren’t we lucky all the windows and the door opening are protected by screens?

The kind of insects differs by the time of year.
In August different insects were coming to visit as now in October.

Recently, a new kind of insect has appeared on the scene.
It is a large, black and shiny kind of beetle.

It has kamikaze tendencies: it flies full speed to the light banging its body on the screens and the glass of the windows.
There are hundreds and hundreds of them and when inside the Fuso Szulc, it sounds like it is raining small meteorites.

Outside it is pitch black as the moon has not come up yet, the friends of the Gonzales family are some distance away, Stephen Hill is playing on the XM Satellite Radio his slow ambient music for fast exciting times, and the fantasy inspired by the Hitchcock film “The Birds” runs away seeing the existence dissolve in translucency where written in the sky by magically formed clouds it says like a headline in a newspaper:

European photographer tragically devoured by millions of vicious black beetles.

To promote the fear and repulsion for these threatening animals, doing their constant nightly attacks, some of these Halloween creatures magically manage to even get inside the Fuso Szulc.
How they do it, they only know, but frequently suddenly one drops down next to the MacBook Pro computer scaring the living shit out of the hard working photographer.

Of course every opening through which they are believed to enter has been plugged with Kleenex tissues, but nevertheless they get in.

After their arrival inside the Fuso Szulc though, they are immediately picked up and collected in a small container to be set free the next morning.


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