Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What's our bussiness?

One of the persons the most highly respected in futurology in our days is the world-renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist, the English professor Stephen Hawking.

He wrote the influential best sellers “A brief history of time” and “The universe in a nutshell”.

One of the things Professor Hawking is saying is that the future of mankind must be found in the universe.
He sees us surviving only if we manage to colonize other planets.

It is understandable a professor like Stephen Hawking comes to this conclusion because he has a mind that thinks in a rational way.

However, we must hope the professor is wrong.

In a way man is still a rather primitive creature.
Man still operates with methods from the days he was a caveman.
Evolution from being a caveman into a more enlightened and spiritual person has been happening but with only extreme minorities.

Colonizing space will copy situations as we are witnessing in our days.
Simply watch films like “Starwars” to get an idea how the colonization of space by humans will be going.
There will be conflicts, trouble, wars, deaths, pollution, catastrophes, and disasters.

There is though another approach seeing the future.
Professor Stephen Hawking predictions are all based on the fact that the world population will expand.
And that eventually the world will be too small for all of us.
This is similar to the “Lebensraum”-doctrine of Adolf Hitler and his Nazis in the 1930’s.
And we all know what disaster that resulted in.

A different approach is to NOT think from the assumption that the world population will grow.

There are two reasons for this assumption.

One is that overpopulation of Earth will initiate reactions from the environment.
Nature is already responding with ways making it harder for people to live on this planet.
These confrontations will only increase and the humans will not be able to win this war.
Therefore the amount of people living on this planet is regulated by nature.
No unlimited grow of world population will be possible.
Many will be massacred by natural disasters.

Second reason NOT to think having the assumption that the world population will grow so much we will need to colonize space is that evolution of the mind might result in humans that are conscious, aware, sensible and pragmatic.
If humans in enough numbers achieve this state, they will manage a world community where all have a prosperous life.
Once there, humans will understand that to have children is neither a necessity nor an obligation.
Already, a conscious person in our days, living in a developed country, will think twice before to have children.

Earth is a good place but only if we are not with too many.
If we don’t want to accept that idea and see the solution in colonizing planets in space, we will export and plant over there the mess we have created here.

It is a taboo to speak of limiting the amount of children.
It is a concept that initiates indignation.
It shakes and rocks the roots and foundation of a human.
But it is an unavoidable truth coming our way.
Unless we want to perish either here by natural catastrophe or eventually in space.

We have no business in space.
We have business here on Earth.


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