Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Follow who ?

The mind could be seen as a cabinet with many drawers and shelves.
In each place something is stored.
In one of the places of the cabinet there is these days a feeling of regret not being at El Triple now that soon the hurricane Henriette will torture the beloved location with strong winds and torrential rains.
The rational mind knows that it would be foolish to be there now but the romantic section expresses a different sentiment.

It is like something will take place that must be experienced to honour the unification and harmony that exists between El Triple and the frequent inhabitant.
Not to leave it alone.
If that would result in perishing due to the hurricane at El Triple, is an ending to life in one of the most beautiful ways.
Compared to a fatal car crash or a terminal disease.

It could be imagined that more people understand this principle, recognize it and feel attracted to it.
It could be envisaged that a group of those persons find each other and decide to go to a location like El Triple knowing a serious hurricane will come to the place.
That together the hurricane is experienced knowing damned well it is a matter of life and death.
But also knowing it is a win-win situation.
Or the persons die and find peace and harmony in ending life in that specific way.
Or one of the most exquisite events possible in life will have been experienced.
As of then life will never be the same anymore.
Either the person is dead, and that is rather a change.
Or the person has been going through a most extreme experience influencing the life to follow drastically and endlessly.

This is of course a way of thinking by many considered as one of a lunatic.

Like Jim Jones was.
Born in Lynn, Indiana, USA he created a church called “Wings of deliverance”.

After an investigation into the church for tax evasion, Jim Jones moved with 1000 members of his church from San Francisco to Guyana.

A country in the north of South-America.
It seems that in the religious community of Jim Jones in Guyana, conveniently called “Jonestown”, human rights violations were taking place resulting in a fact-finding mission by US Congressman Leo Ryan in November 1978.
This eventually resulted in a well-known event: a mass suicide of 909 inhabitants of Jonestown.
When in Guyana it was learned that the location of Jonestown is closed by the Guyana Government for visitors.

But to go to a place like El Triple knowing a hurricane will strike to experience either survival or death could also be considered not as the idea of a lunatic but as an enlightening proposal.

Like Jesus has been making:
"The Son of Man must suffer many things.
He will be rejected by the older Jewish leaders, the leading priests, and teachers of the law.
The Son of Man will be killed.
But after three days he will be raised from death."

Jesus continued to say to his potential followers:

"If any person wants to follow me, he must say 'No' to the things he wants.
That person must accept the cross (suffering) that is given to him every day, and he must follow me.
The person that wants to save his life will lose it.
And every person that gives his life for me will save it."
Luke 9:21-27 (ERV)

This is a rather an all or nothing proposition just like the El Triple everything or nothing proposal and Jim Jones final instructions.
Working only if one is to believe in that illusion.

It would be rather provocative to compare the offered illusions by Jim Jones, the ones by Jesus and the El Triple concept.

That is why a low-key non-messianic existence in the safety of La Paz is preferred momentarily.


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Skee said...

I am thinking of you and your friends, especially the Gonzoles family, as the eye of Hurricane Henriette has now made her way across the peninsula. I hope that all are safe and very little damage has occured in Punta Boca del Salado.
I look forward to your report on your hurricane experience.