Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It is painful.

Well, how is the mood today?
After this disastrous day yesterday?

Has it been possible to find out what is causing the Seelevel II monitor to catch fire?
Is the Lacrosse wireless weather station working properly now?
The squeaking and moaning of the floor, was it found where it needs better attachment to the frame?
And the ventilator of the Fantastic Fan, broken for the second time and not working anymore, is it cooling and refreshing the bathroom again?
Presumably nothing was done to the problem of the attachment of the camper box to the chassis of the truck?
And any progress in the communication with National Seating about the noisy Fuso seats they sold?

It is with nostalgia that the Lazy Daze is remembered.
It was limited in where it could go, but where it went it was without any problems.

There are two reasons why issues with the Fuso Szulc are not very much appreciated.

The first and most important is that the objective is not to have to spend time solving and managing technical problems with the Fuso Szulc.
The purpose of having the Fuso Szulc is not to simply travel around and has that as the major event with all with what it comes.
The Fuso Szulc has been designed, created and ordered to be built to serve a specific purpose.
To be able to go to particular locations where more conceptual and other photography can be made.
That, fervent and loyal blog readers, is the relevant and essential purpose.
Any technical problem needing attention, takes away time and energy of what is much more important.

This set up makes it more complicated to quickly solve a technical problem.
Because many fervent and loyal blog readers will know that an effective solving of a technical problem depends partly of the mental state one is in.
If one is really interested in a technical problem, even fascinated, the attention and concentration will help tremendously to quickly find a solution and fix it.
But if one is not interested to begin with, even deeply annoyed a problem occurs, not very likely the technical problem will go away easily.
In this case it is a matter of giving up the original ambition and replace it by the one forced upon.
A very difficult exercise especially when being temperamental and fanatic about something else.

The second reason issues with the Fuso Szulc are not appreciated.
Yesterday a research was made in how the water pump was grounded.
This meant taking down all the tarpaulins covering the Fuso Szulc against the northwestern wind.
Getting underneath the Fuso Szulc.
And lots more of physical activity.
This results in pain.
Caused by the scoliosis.
Mean and strong pain.
In general the scoliosis is under control.
But it requires a certain regime of activity.
Specific physical actions are to be avoided in order not to suffer pain.
As long as this regime is respected, life is a party.
But when forced to be physical active beyond what is allowed, the price to pay is high.

Pain is a bad thing.
Not only is it horrible as an experience, but it tends also to influence the mood.
It is hard to feel happy and content when experiencing strong pains.
For which a technical problem can be responsible.
And therefore deeply hated.

In spite of everything, after some serious attention, the Lacrosse wireless weather station is working properly again.



Anonymous said...


Looks like the problems you are having are a little more than "normal" problems, but even with a conventional RV, problems happen and are a part of the RV "experience".

We I'm in Mexico, I enjoy fixing the issues that come up, but I deliberty do it on Mexico time(read slow), so that I don't get frustrated.


skee said...

When it rains, it pours. Hope things get fixed soon. Also, hope your back is feeling better.

Please share pictures of your location and "campsite". I keep looking for a picture of the driver side of the Fuso Szulc. Haven't seen the painted stripe on that side.
Thanks, I will watch for more photos.