Monday, September 10, 2007

Mystical things happening.

Away from the turmoil life is when in a city, living it in a most simplified way, in retreat camping at a deserted location near the ocean, the way life likes to work becomes more clear.
It is like opening a machine to discover how it actually works.

Often it has been stated that life is a mystery.
But in fact this statement expresses something else.
It says that the mystified person has been unable to discover the way life likes to work.
Funny enough, persons who have been able to solve part of the many mysteries of life are called “mystics”.
A mystic is a woman or a man who manages to find the truth beyond the intellect.

Being a simple-minded photographer and not a mystic at all, nevertheless, yesterday things happened beyond the intellect.

Here at El Triple rarely people show up.
Before the hurricane, during the three weeks in retreat at El Triple, only one person came by and that was arranged.
Besides the sweet and helpful friend, during 22 days nobody was seen.

Now the second retreat is in action and it is day 4.

After the simple but nutritious lunch always a walk on the beach is made of one hour and a half.
One day to the north, next day to the south.
Yesterday it was to the north and the tide was low.

Because of the hurricane the waves of the ocean have been very big and strong and carried away a lot of the sand from the beach.
This makes rocks exposed at low tide.
On those rocks oysters are living and Mexicans come to hammer them off.

While peacefully walking suddenly a voice from behind said: “Hola”.
Quickly turning around, in total surprise, a Chevy 1500 4x4 pick up truck was right behind with 4 Mexican men looking to harvest oysters.
Very friendly fellows who wanted to know how far they could get without being obstructed by too many rocks.
A chat and off they went after their oysters.

Coming back to the camp at El Triple two men were spotted walking on the beach of the long bay in front of the Fuso Szulc.
They were in a Chevy Suburban parked on the other side of the dry riverbed.
Exactly like one year ago when Jeff Knaus, the new owner of all the land north and south and east of El Triple, came by.
The two men saw the return of the photographer and came to the Fuso Szulc camp. Sure enough, it was Jeff Knaus with a friend.
Coming to inspect his property.
After a nice chat they returned to the beach and their vehicle.

Some time later, reading Luis Alberto Urrea’s book called “The Hummingbird’s daughter”, a car arrived at El Triple.
A blue Ford Explorer with a winch mounted at the front.
Four men came out and two approached the photographer.
It was Mario.
The man Cosme, the friend working as a guard of La Ballena, the resort to be, had been talking about.
It is believed Mario works for a contracting company that will build the resort for Jeff Knaus.
A chat with Mario and off they went.

These, as attentive loyal and fervent blog readers will have noticed, were 3 meetings with people in one afternoon.
For weeks nobody shows up uninvited, and suddenly there is a conglomeration.
A cluster being pressed together.
An intensification of events like as if they were attracting each other.

Is this simply an example of coincidence?
Yes, it is, in case one likes to believe that.
Or is it the structure of the matrix of events?
The mystic will confirm this as positive.

Things happen in clusters and we don’t know why.
Or not yet.

But what we do know is that the clusters can only be observed and realised after they have been taking place.
In retrospect for which a certain level of awareness is needed.

But never we can observe the cluster while it is happening.
For example, if an event takes place and we think that very moment it might be the first of a series creating the beginning of a cluster, it is not going to happen.
A cluster is beyond the intellect.
Where El Triple is.


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