Thursday, September 27, 2007

The travelling parcel

Most fervent and loyal blog readers will remember how the Seelevel Tank Monitor in the Fuso Szulc almost caught fire.

But fortunately Garnet Industries Ltd, producer of the Seelevel Tank Monitors, has excellent service.
They made a complete new monitor available to replace the one that burned out.
As well as a relay to have less strain of amps on the Seelevel Tank Monitor.

All this in a small parcel shipped by UPS to an address in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.

UPS has a website where one can follow the journey of a parcel by filling in a tracking number.
This is fascinating.
It shows us how a courier like UPS is handling the request to send a small parcel from Granbury in Texas, USA to La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.

UPS picked the parcel up in Granbury, Texas and brought it to Fort Worth in Texas.
From Fort Worth, Texas, the parcel went to Louisville in Kentucky.
From Louisville, Kentucky, it went to Ontario in California.
From Ontario, California, it went back to Louisville in Kentucky.
From Louisville in Kentucky the parcel went back to Ontario in California.
From Ontario, California it was send to Tijuana in Mexico.
The parcel has arrived now in Mexico!
And close to La Paz: there are airplanes with direct flights from Tijuana to La Paz: a journey of 2 hours.
However, the parcel is sent from Tijuana, Mexico to Louisville in Kentucky again.
The parcel likes to go there very much!
But now the parcel is send from Louisville in Kentucky to Mexico City in Mexico.

On this Thursday morning there is no news yet what will happen with the parcel today.

If fervent and loyal blog readers want to remain updated they can go to the UPS website and fill in the tracking number to follow the adventures of the parcel.
Tracking number: 1ZA46F450446639190

The parcel was picked up from Garnet Industries LTD on September 20.
It is traveling for one week now…

There might be a reason for these logistic maneuvers.
It is full moon!


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steved44 said...

I too vote for the "full moon". That unit will have 5000 miles on it by the time you receive it. The warranty will be expired. Good luck, Steve