Saturday, September 22, 2007

A new hurricane approaching.

One of the gadgets of the Fuso Szulc is the LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station.

Well, wireless, wireless.
Not really because after one year the transmitter gave up and is now connected to the base station with a cable.

This handicapped transmitter is underneath the Fuso Szulc and measures the outside temperature and the humidity.
It also transmits the wind speed and direction coming by cable from a third device.

LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station is showing the time and date and obtains this information from a satellite that gets it from an atomic clock somewhere in Colorado, USA.
Even here in Mexico that works.

There is the possibility to hook up the LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station to a computer and download data.
Like the minimum/maximum of temperatures.
However this works only with a PC, not with an Apple computer.

Therefore, by hand certain data is written down and later introduced in a spreadsheet document in the MacBook Pro computer.
By now minimum and maximum temperatures have been collected at El Triple during several years.

Today we read from the LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station that the pressure is high: 1007,8 HPA.
Therefore it predicts bright sunshine and a mounting barometer.

But what the LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station not yet knows and not indicates is that a new hurricane is on its way…

This one, called Ivo, has started west of El Triple above the Pacific Ocean and is heading straight for the Fuso Szulc.

This will bring new heavy rainfall and winds are expected of over 100 km. per hour. (62 miles per hour).

These are unsafe conditions to remain at El Triple.
Already this morning the hurricane could be seen coming.

The nucleus of the hurricane is supposed to arrive at El Triple Sunday at 11 PM according to the National Hurricane Centre.
This gives time to think what to do.

There are three options:
  1. Return to the town of La Paz,
  2. Go and find shelter with Cosme at La Ballena half an hour from here,
  3. Stay at El Triple.

Because hurricanes are unpredictable concerning their path and because with Internet the exact track of the hurricane can be monitored, for the moment no activity of running away is deployed.

But it is highly likely that action has to be taken.
Either today or tomorrow.
We may expect extraordinary circumstances.

Not being able for example to put up the Datastorm satellite disk and get on line.
If there is an interruption in the daily publication on this blog, don’t blame it on the Bossanova.
It probably will be because of Ivo.


To follow the track of hurricane Ivo, click on:

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