Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Fuso Szulc on fire.

Because there are clouds this morning, the new technical challenges of the Fuso Szulc confronted with are accepted as the source of a bad mood.

Life is simply not a non-stop party.
There are moments of exhilaration.
And moments that things happen making even a sane and balanced person swear like a sailor.

Last night the Fuso Szulc almost caught fire.

While cooking a beautiful meal of pasta with tofu and veggies, suddenly a strong smell was noticed.
The odour of burning plastic.
Immediately resulting in a feeling of panic.
Of hurry to quickly and promptly find the source of this horrible smell.

It was the panel of the SeeLevel II tank monitor on fire.
Rapidly the fire was stopped.

This is supposed to be a new challenge while it is experienced as a bad pain in the neck.
Feeling pissed off and annoyed and irritated and inflamed.
This morning is specially reserved to feel those emotions.

Besides all the emotions, what needs to be done is find out what is causing this problem.
There is a huge resistance to get involved in that.
In the end, it is a brand new and costly expedition vehicle not purchased to spend time fixing it.

An e-mail was sent to Garnet Instruments Ltd.
The manufacturer of the SeeLevel II tank monitor.
Receiving a prompt answer: they believe that it is a problem with the wiring.
That the ground cable the SeeLevel II tank monitor should have is not well connected.

Good luck.
How to find out what is the ground cable and where it goes?
All wires are behind walls and in floors.

It is believed that the catching fire of the SeeLevel II tank monitor is related to the water pump.

The water pump has been demonstrating erratic behaviour.
When switched on, on many occasions no water would come out of the faucet.
Switching the pump off, with a switch on the SeeLevel II tank monitor, and switching it on again would make the water pump work again.
And on many occasions the water pump would be running like mad while no faucet was open at all or water pumped out from the tanks.
A photographer knows everything about photography but in this case is no expert in these kinds of technical problems.
Suspicion is though that it might be a problem of the water pump not properly grounded.

Another problem still to be solved is the inadequate mounting of the camper box to the chassis.

Another new issue is also bothering.
One of the floor plates has come loose and when walking on it cracks and squeaks like walking in a ghost house.

To confirm the cluster theory, it can also be reported that the Datastrom Satellite System has slowed down to a snail pace of 2KB per second and that the Lacrosse wireless weather station is refusing to work properly.

Time to have a dive in the cool Pacific Ocean and leave there the bad mood and all the troubling and annoying Fuso Szulc issues.

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