Sunday, September 2, 2007

The hell out of here.

Because the north-western wind blowing almost every day at El Triple hits the Fuso Szulc in the side making it shake and rock and roll, stabilizer jacks have been put under the camper box frame on both sides.
No matter how strong the wind, the Fuso Szulc is not giving an inch.

This afternoon a peaceful lunch was enjoyed inside the Fuso Szulc.
Eating the daily 4 slices of toasted bread.
Two with cheese, tomato and honey mustard.
And two with blueberry preserve.
To drink a glass of soymilk.
Reading the book “La Storia” about the emigration of Italians to the United States.

Suddenly, the Fuso Szulc started to shake.
Moving in all kinds of directions.
Immediately there was a feeling of surprise.
There were no strong winds or gusts.
And it was realized that the Fuso Szulc was solidly supported by stabilizer jacks.
But then, in split seconds, it was realized it had to be an earthquake.

That frightens.
Because it is unknown how bad it will get.
But soon while sitting in the chair being tossed around it was realized that not easily the Fuso Szulc would be turned over.
That it was a relative safe situation to experience an earthquake.

It lasted about 20 to 30 seconds and it was all very weird.
It made realize what a tremendous forces had been unleashed that it could make a large part of this world shake.

Next concern was a possible tsunami.
If that earthquake had been under the ocean in front of the Fuso Szulc, likely a tsunami would follow.
Strange fantasies and imaginations resulted of how an enormous wave would hit El Triple devastating everything in its way.
A close eye was kept on the ocean.
If the sea retreats extremely it is the moment to start running to the highest point in the vicinity because the devastating tsunami will follow shortly.
But fortunately the ocean remained calm and peaceful.

The earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.3, had happened in the Sea of Cortez, on the east side of Baja California.

Later in the afternoon the camp was broken down.
Not by the earthquake but by the nomad himself.
Everything cleaned and stored in preparation of the journey to La Paz on Sunday.
While reflecting on the last 3 weeks at El Triple.
What an extraordinary time it has been!
Peace, harmony and balance found again.
Physically exercised into a much better shape.
Lots of new work made with very promising results.
And four major events:

  • The lunar eclipse
  • The disconnection by Motosat from the Internet
  • The earthquake
  • The visit of the friend from La Paz

What a paradox!
Three weeks of peaceful retreat in solitude at El Triple and in retrospective it must be concluded it was a most exciting time.

But now it is time to go.
Henriette develops from a tropical storm into a hurricane.
It has already cost the life of 6 people in Acapulco.
It is expected to pass right in front of El Triple.

Better get the hell out of here and find shelter in the peace of La Paz.


To learn more about the earthquake, click on:


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