Friday, November 17, 2006

Paris Photo Party

Last night art-dealer Baudoin Lebon had invited a selected group of people to come to his appartment for "une quiche, du fromage et des fruits". His appartment is large and decorated by fine examples of modern and aboriginal art. There is one 20-meter long corridor with a collection of spears and masks from Africa. About 20 people were there and it is an excellent opportunity to get to know new persons in the world of art and photography. Often people know eachother by name but have never met. And often this socializing results in immediate appointments for bussiness the next day.
Although such a party serves certain bussiness interests, the hospitality and generosity of Baudoin Lebon and his wife Marion always impresses Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski. They manage to create a family feeling. Becoming a pivotal force of warm togetherness in a bussiness which is hard and ruthless.

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