Saturday, June 19, 2010

Food for thought

The Queen of Dreams was stormed and conquered by an army of bacilli.
She has the flue and keeps herself warm in bed.

Therefore it is the pioneering photographer who is doing the cooking.
The shopping and the washing of dishes also.

Last night it was ecological round brown rice.
With pumpkin in a soft silk tofu sauce.
Lightly salted and flavored with garlic.

A major moment in life occurred later at the dining table.
The Queen of Dreams said: "But, this is delicious!"

Then a conversation developed about food.
And together it was researched what kind of food was considered "sympathetic" and what food not.
Like pumpkin: both had the serious opinion that pumpkin was a sympathetic vegetable.
Another vegetable that made it to the status of sympathetic was broccoli.

But then sorry, sorry for the carrots, onions and the brown beans, they didn't make it passing the judgment of the strict jury.
They were all considered not sympathetic at all.

If vegetables can be sympathetic or antipathetic, can people be tasty or delicious?


Dawn Pier said...

Absolutely! People can be sweet or sour, acerbic or chilli, and my man is the icing on my cake!

luvglass said...

Definitely, some people are more delicious than others.